ACT928822578 Precision Hair Clipper

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Cautiones magnae salutis

The following safety precautions should always be followed, to reduce the risk of electric shock, personal injury or fire. It is  important to read all of these instructions carefully before using the product, and to save them for future reference or new users.


operator manual Operators Read manual.

aqua Labra, balnearia, imbres, aliave vasa aqua continentia, vel prope ne utuntur.

indicate line Hoc symbolum indicat potentiam input/output producti directam currentem.

CE Declaration of Conformity. Products marked with this symbol comply with all applicable community regulations  of the European Economic Area. The EU Declaration of Conformity can be requested from the manufacturer.

praesidium Producta hoc symbolo notata cum IEC praesidio classis III obsequuntur.

REDIVIVUS Fasciculus reddi vel REDIVIVUS potest. Quaeso recte disponere de quavis materia fasciculo non amplius requisito.

lacus Si quid damni onerariis animadvertes cum productum vestimenta extricare, negotiatorem tuum sine mora vide.


  • 3.7V- DC
  • Potentia: 5W
  • Princeps celeritas motricium
  • Lithium 600mAh altilium
  • Including: cleaning brush, limit combs 1,2,3 and 4 mm, USB Type-C charging cable
  • Motor: FF-180PA-2192V speed 6800 ± 10%


  • MONITUM nolite accedere labra ferramentum uti imbres et tappetia et vasa aqua.
  • Hoc instrumentum adhiberi potest a pueris etatis ab annis 8 et supra et personis cum imminutis physicis, sensoriis vel mentalibus
    facultates vel experientiae et cognitionis carentes, si datae fuerint vigilantiae vel instructionis de usu
    appliance in a safe way and understand the risks involved. Children shall not play with the appliance. Cleaning and use
    sustentatio a liberis sine cura non fiat.
  • Ne in humidis locis instrumentum vel uti.
  • Custodiant filii semoto.
  • Do not use the appliance with wet hands or let water drop on the appliance. It may cause electric shock and injury. Do not operate
    the electrical appliance with wet hands or if the appliance is wet.
  • Noli operari instrumentum coram explosivis et/vel fumis flammabilibus et/vel liquoribus.
  • Do not attempt to repair or disassemble the appliance. If the USB charging cable is damaged, it must be replaced by the
    manufacturer, its service agent or similar qualified persons, in order to avoid any risks. Improper repairs may expose the user to
    magno periculo.
  • Numquam hoc instrumentum operatur, si recte non laborat, vel si in aquam demissa est.
  • Commendatur ne impedimentis per fabrica.
  • Extensio funiculi non uteris ad instrumentum operandum. Obturaculum adaptor directe in exitu electrica.
  • Noli flectere USB cable incurrens.
  • Custodi USB funem praecipientes a superficiebus calefactis.
  • Reprehendo quod voltage indicata in nibh respondet loci mains voltage ante coniungere INSTRUMENTUM.
  • MONITUM: Ad proposita emendandi altilium, tantum utere funiculum USB nexum cum disco USB connexum.
  • Si quid damni onerariis animadvertes cum productum vestimenta extricare, negotiatorem tuum sine mora vide.
  • Do not use the appliance for purposes other than styling human hair. This appliance is designed to shave hair, beard, neck,
    and chest. It is not recommended to be used as a professional hair clipper to cut the head hair. Do not use the appliance to cut
    artificial hair.
  • The USB charging cable must not come into contact with water or other liquids as this may cause electric shock. Therefore, never
    use the hair appliance over a filled sink or while having a bath.
  • lf the appliance falls into water, immediately pull the mains adaptor out of the wall socket. Please do not wash the appliance with
  • WARNING: Keep the appliance and the power cable dry.
  • Pro salute natorum tuorum, quaeso, omnes fasciculos (sacculos plasticos, cistas, polystyrenos etc.) custodi e suo loco.
  • Unplug the appliance if you do not plan to use it for a long time, or if the appliance malfunctions during use, also during
    thunderstorms and when cleaning.
  • Noli adhibere INSTRUMENTUM cum inplenda est in et/vel incurrentis. Semper unplug cum usura.
  • Do not wash the appliance body or power adaptor with water or expose them to water as this may create a risk of electric shock
    vel brevis circuitus.
  • The power adaptor must be pulled out of the mains socket before maintenance is carried out, otherwise there is a risk of electric
  • INSTRUMENTUM V voltage.
  • Productum hoc scapulas acutas continet, summa cum diligentia adhibeas ea tractando ac utendo.
  • Hoc appliance contineat, quae non-gravida replaceable.
  • Quaesimus ut haec mandata ad futurum referamus. Contactus fabrica instructiones in forma alterius.
  • Recta tractatio gravida ducere potest ad explosionem vel ad ustum acidum.
  • Fugiat contactum fluidi in pugna cum cute, oculis et membranulis mucosis.
  • Non breve spatium pilae aut gravida disassemble.
  • In the event of contact with battery acid, immediately rinse the areas with plenty of clean water and immediately consult a doctor
    if an unexpected reaction occurs.

Præcipientes rechargeable eu PUGNA

  • Rechargeable altilium ante primum usum praecipiens, appli- catio plene onerari debet.
  • Fac INSTRUMENTUM flexa est.
  • Insert the connector of the USB charging cable directly into the power jack of the appliance. Normal charging will take 3 hour. The
    maximum shaving time is approx. 90 minutes with a full charge.
  • Obturaculum USB incurrens funem in maius adaptor et obturaculum in nervum mains.
  • The indicator light will come on to indicate charging. It will not go out when the battery is fully charged. You can not remove the

Purgatio et sustentacionem

  • Turn off your appliance and wait until it is completely cool. Before cleaning, remove the accessory and the used blade and clean
    with the aid of the cleaning brush that was fitted in the product.
  • Emundare tuum appliance utens adamp pannum siccum.


capillus clipperPlease read these instructions carefully before using this product and
keep them in a safe place for future reference

1. On/Off button and charging indicator light
2. dato initus portum
3. Adjustable combs (1, 2, 3 and 4 mm)
4. Trimmer ferrum
5. elit dignissim
6. Is dato negotio funem
7. Adjustable limit comb position place


  • Rechargeable precision hair clipper / USB charging cable / cleaning
    brush / 4 limit combs.
  • Manuale usoris. Praecepta haec lege ante usum.


Quid prius facias,

  • Remove packaging materiam, et fabrica damnum inspicere.
  • Do not operate the device if it is damaged in any way. Return it to your
    statim venditor.
  • Never expose the appliance to temperatures below -10°C or higher than
    +40°C for long periods of time.
  • In order to get an ideal cutting effect, check all accessories of product,
    as well as clean and maintain the product.


  • Monitum! Tantum extrinsecus utere fabrica.
  • INSTRUMENTUM solum capillis humanis destinatum est.
  • Quaelibet falsa usus periculosa esse potest!
  • Pili munda et arida decisa esse debent.
  • Tantum radent parva areas in uno tempore
  • Jam secandum caput erit, si nimis cito laborare coneris vel nimis semel capillos incidere tentas.
  • Instrumentum breve tempus currat antequam secare incipias.


  • Documentum affigere, quod in instrumento utendum est.
  • Turn on the appliance. To turn on the appliance press the switch On / Off upwards. Hold the appliance in your palm with an angle
    perpendicular to the plane of the skin (90°). There is no need to apply much pressure on the appliance.
  • Modo tangat INSTRUMENTUM superficiem cutis tuae leniter.

Apicibus ac monitis DE USUS PERITUS

  1. Pili munda et arida decisa esse debent.
  2. Tantum secare exiguis uno tempore.
  3. Sece capillos gradatim ad occasus propius usque dum ad optatam longitudinem perveneris.
  4. Jam secandum caput erit, si nimis cito laborare coneris, vel nimis uno capillo secare conaris.
  5. Let the appliance run for a short lime before starting to cut.
  6. Using the cutting head without its attachment, you can finely trim a beard -even the hard-to-reach parts – and can cleanly shave
    crinemque per templa et collum.

1. Choose the desired guide comb to trim hair evenly to a length of 1, 2, 3 or 4 mm. The length is indicated on the combs.
2. Click on the comb with the desired millimeter size, by using your thumb to firmly clamp cristam INSTRUMENTUM.

1. To remove or replace the comb, remove the attached comb by using your thumb to push the comb upwards.
2. Click the new desired limit comb on the appliance.

Fingens barbam et tonsuram cervicis sine adnexione
1. Remove the attachment.
2. Draw the cutting head at a shallow angle along the skin without applying pressure.

Please remove the battery before disposing of the device/unit. Do not dispose of old batteries with your household
waste but at a battery collection station at a recycling site or in a shop. Consult your municipal authority or your
dealer for information about disposal.

The crossed out wheelie bin symbol means that this product shall not be disposed of with normal household waste.
Electronic and Electrical Equipment not included in the selective sorting process are potentially dangerous for the
environment and human health due to the presence of hazardous substances. Please dispose of responsibly at an
approved waste or recycling facility.


The manufacturer provides warranty in accordance with the legislation of the customer’s own country of residence, 24 months,
starting from the date on which the appliance is sold to the end user.

  • Et nisi warantum tegit defectus esse in materia vel opere delectabiles.
  • The repairs under warranty may only be carried out by an authorized service center. When making a claim under the warranty, the
    original bill of purchase (with purchase date) must be submitted.
  • Et non est in casibus de warantia:

1. normalis lapsum et lacrimam
2. Recta usus, eg, obruuntur appliance, usu accessoriis non probatis
3. De usu vi, damno ab influxibus externis
4. Damage caused by non-observance of the user manual, e.g., connection to an unsuitable main supply or non-compliance with the
conformandum uicem
5. Partialiter vel totaliter dirutum adjumenta
6. Accessiones non teneantur termini warantiae quia induti sunt.
Si plus informationis vel sustentationis indiges, pete nobis per:

In accordance with our policy of continual product improvement, we reserve the right to make technical and visual changes
without notice. The current version of this instruction manual can be found under


Nos sub nostra responsalitate declaramus factum;

clipArticulus numerus / nomen articuli:


Barcode: 8720791430627 / 8720791431563

a) The object of the declaration described above is in conformity with the relevant Union harmonization
b) Occurrit conditionibus in sequentibus signis harmonicis statutis;

Praesens versio huius Declarationis Conformitatis inveniri potest sub

Documenta / Resources

AROVO ACT928822578 Precision Hair Clipper [pdf] Instructio Manual
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