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Artsound PWR01 Portable IMPERVIUS Speaker

Artsound PWR01 Portable IMPERVIUS Speaker

Thank you for buying our ArtSound PWR01 speaker. We hope you’ll 3. Press the button to play or mute the speaker.enjoy it for years to come. Please read these instructions carefully and keep this manual for later reference.

Quid in BOX?

  • 1x PWR01 Speaker
  • 1x Type-C USB dato cable
  • 1x AUX in cable
  • 1x User Guide


  1. artsound PWR01 Portable Waterproof Speaker-1This logo means that no naked fl ames, such as a candle can be placed on or near the device.
  2. Hac arte uti in climatibus temperatis tantum.
  3. This device may be used by children aged 8 years or older any by those with reduced physical, sensory or mental abilities, or tho-se lacking experience or knowledge, provided they are correctly supervised, or if the instructions related to the use of the device have been adequately given and if the risks involved have been understood. Children must not play with this device. Children should not clean or maintain the device without supervision.
  4. Tabernae electricae facile adiri debent si media disiunctio inserviat.
  5. Semper unplug fabrica ante purgandum est.
  6. Emundare machinam cum panno sicco mollis modo. Numquam solventibus utebantur.
  7. Aliquam in promptu ratio altilium cura duci.
  8. The battery (batteries or battery pack) shall not be exposed to excessive heat such as sunshine, fi re or the like.


  1. Sursum volumen / Next Puer Natus
  2. In volumine / Previous Puer Natus
  3. TWS (Wireless verum Orff)
  4. Opus civitatis DUXERIT
  5. Bluetooth / Reddere - Et respondendum est / Call Reject
  6. In virtute / Off - Play / Pause
  7. potestatem DUXERIT
  8. Jack in AUX
  9. Is dato negotio portus

artsound PWR01 Portable Waterproof Speaker-2


Fratribus vestris exigatis et ORATOR

  1. Utere funiculi potentiae type-C in accessoriis ad coniungere DC 5V patinam et oratorem ad arguendum.
  2. Vis aurantiaca LED convertet ad indicandum unitatem incurrens. tunc averte cum plene praecepit.

Nota: A cursu accipit circa 3 horis.

In virtute / ON EST
In virtute: Press and hold the button for 2 seconds to power on the speaker. The working state LED will fl ash.
Potestas off: Press and hold the button for 2 seconds to power off the speaker. The working state LED will turn off .

Orator non statim ad novam machinam cum potestate coniungit. Ut iungas tuum Bluetooth auditionis fabricam cum Bluetooth Oratore tuo in primo tempore, vestigia infra sequere:

  1. Power on your speaker, the working state LED will fl ash in green.
  2. Admitte Bluetooth in machinis tuis (phone vel machinam audio). Refer ad instructiones corporis fabrica singula.
  3. Quaere inventa Bluetooth et "PWR01" eligere. Si opus fuerit, tesseram "0000" ut confirmes et processus connubii compleas.
  4. Loquens custodiet cum adinventiones parantur. Et opus civitatis ducatur ad viridem.

Nota: Oratorem vim automatice auferet si nullum nexum intra XX minutas habebit.

Torcular et tenereartsound PWR01 Portable Waterproof Speaker-4 button secundis secundis, orator cum fabrica Bluetooth disiunget, alii Bluetooth artificium cum oratore coniungent.


  1. Aperi tibicen et cantilenam ad ludendum eligere. Press theartsound PWR01 Portable Waterproof Speaker-3 button to pause/play the music.
  2. Click in + button to increase the volume or long press to skip to the next song.
  3. Click in - button to decrease the volume or long press to skip to the previous song.


  1. Click inartsound PWR01 Portable Waterproof Speaker-4 button advenientis vocationem ad respondendum. Click iterum finire vocationem.
  2. Per torcular et tenereartsound PWR01 Portable Waterproof Speaker-4 button pro II seconds repudiare vocationem.

Modo AUX

  1. Utere 3.5mm funem audio in accessoriis ad coniungere instrumenti instrumenti audiendi et dicentis
  2. Conversus in fonte audio machinam et musicam ludere
  3. in Pressartsound PWR01 Portable Waterproof Speaker-3 button ludere aut muta loquentis.

You can purchase two PWR01 speakers so you can connect them together and enjoy the True Wireless Stereo sound. (32W).

  1. Bluetooth in phone machinasque averte et fac oratores cum quibusvis machinis non cohaerentes (etiam Aux-in cable remove).
  2. Eligite ex eis unum sicut magister unit ad voluntatem suam. Primum bullam domini x preme, deinde duo oratores inter se sponte coniungent.
  3. Nunc Bluetooth in phone machinasque tuas converte. Et incipe quaerere cogitationes Bluetooth, "PWR01" invenietur, quaeso, coniungere. Si vis coniungere PC vel alias machinas cum Audio via Aux Cable, elige dominum unum.
  4. Cum TWS conligatum, statim cum potestate proxima coniunget, aliter TWS diu per conjunctionem torcularis purgare potes.

Quod duplex clickartsound PWR01 Portable Waterproof Speaker-3 button when playing the music, the light theme can be changed. There are three light themes: Gradient changing light—Breathing Light—no light.

Press and hold the button 2 seconds to clear pairing records.(Bluetooth and TWS pairing records)


Q: My speaker will not switch on.
A: Please recharge it and make sure it has enough power. Plug the unit into a charger and see if the power LED indicator turn on.

Q: Why can’t I pair this speaker with other Bluetooth devices?
A: Please haec
Tua Bluetooth fabrica sustinet A2DP pro *file.
Loquens et fabrica tua inter se sunt (intra 1m). Orator unam machinas Bluetooth coniunxit, si sic, pyga purgari et novas machinas premere potes.


  • Bluetooth version: V5.0
  • Maximum output: 16W
  • Built-in power: Li-ion 3.6V 2500mAh
  • Wireless Working Frequency: 80HZ-20KHZ Wireless Transmission
  • Distance: up to 33 ft (10M) Charging
  • Time: about 3-4 hours
  • Playback Time: up to 12 hours
  • Charging: DC 5 V±0.5/1A
  • Dim. (ø) 84mm x (h) 95mm


2 year warranty from date of purchase. The warranty is limited to the repair of replacement of the defective material insofar as this defect is a result of normal use and the device has not been dam-aged. Artsound is not responsible for any other costs that ensue as a result of the defect (e.g. transport). For details, please consult our general terms and conditions of sale.

Hoc productum significat electivum genus symboli vastitatis electricae et electronicae instrumenti (WEEE). Hoc significat, hoc productum tractandum esse secundum directivum Europae 2002/96/EC ut redivivus vel deponatur ad minuendum eius ictum in ambitu. Ad ulteriora indicia, quaeso, cum auctoritates locales vel regionales tuas communica.
I, Domus Musicae NV, hoc declaramus genus instrumenti radiophonici ARTSOUND cum directivis 2014/53/EU obtemperare. Plenus textus EU Declarationis Conformitatis inveniri potest in hac inscriptione interrete: http://www.artsound. esse> Support.

Disclaimer: All trademark are the property of their own owners. Omnes specificationes et informationes mutationibus obnoxiae sunt sine ulteriori noticia. Levis variationes et differentiae inter imagines impressas et actuales producti propter amplificationem producti apparere possunt. Domus Musicae NV – Schoonboeke 10 B-9600 Ronse – Belgium

Domus Musicae II., Schoonboeke 10, BE-9600 Ronse artsoundaudio

Documenta / Resources

Artsound PWR01 Portable IMPERVIUS Speaker [pdf] Instructio Manual
PWR01, Portable IMPERVIUS Orator, IMPERVIUS Orator, Portable Orator, Loquens, PWR01 IMPERVIUS Orator

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