AVILO P222346 Foldable Magnifier cum LED


Product Information

  • Name: Foling Magnificat Vitri
  • model: Foldable Magnifier cum LED
  • magnificare |: x5, x10, x20
  • Product Code: P222346
  • Manufacturer: S&S Enterprises Ltd.
  • Fecit in: Sinis
  • Address: 26 Perivale Park, Middlesex, UB6 7RL

Product Usu mandatum

  1. Unfold the magnifying glass by gently pulling it apart until it is fully extended.
  2. To turn on the LED light, locate the switch on the handle and slide it to the “ON” position.
  3. Choose the desired magnification level by rotating the magnification wheel located near the lens. The available options are x5, x10, and x20.
  4. Hold the magnifying glass close to the object you want to examine.
  5. Adjust the distance between the magnifying glass and the object until you achieve a clear focus.
  6. If necessary, move the magnifying glass in different directions to explore different areas of the object.
  7. To fold the magnifying glass for storage or portability, gently push both ends towards each other until it folds into a compact size.
  8. Ensure that the LED light is turned off before folding the magnifying glass.
  9. Store the folded magnifying glass in a safe place to protect it from damage.

Please refer to the user manual for any additional information or safety precautions.

Foling Magnificat Vitri

Gratias tibi ago pro emendo magnifico magnifico nostro cum LED, cum x5 x10 et x20 magnificationem. Speramus te beatum esse cum emptio.

AVILO-P222346-Foldable-Magnifier-with-LED-fig (1)


  • levels of magnification: x10, x15 and x20.
  • Lumen functionis caeruleae ducitur ad detectionem monetæ fictæ.
  • 180° rotating handle for easy use.
  • Levis et compacta pro opportuno repositione et onerariis.

Instructions for flat objects

  • Preme potentiam bullam in manubrio positam (ut in schemate supra visum est) semel pro functione alba LED.
  • Extrahe lens optica ad gradum magnificationis necessarium ut in schemate infra notatum.
  • Preme potentiam conjunctionem bis ut convertat magnificantem off.

Instructions for irregular objects

  • Operculum diaphanum removere ab imo magnificantem.
  • Preme potentiam bullam in manubrio positam (ut in schemate supra visum est) semel pro functione alba LED.
  • Preme potentiam conjunctionem bis ut convertat magnificantem off.

Instructiones ad deprehendendum

  • Preme potentiam bullam in manubrio (ut supra in schemate visum est) bis pro functione ducta purpura.
  • Pone in superficie plana et extende lens optica prout opus est.
  • Preme potestatem conjunctionem statim ad magnificantem convertat off.

AVILO-P222346-Foldable-Magnifier-with-LED-fig (2)

  • Ad omnes usus munera levia operabitur manubrio extenso et clauso.

altilium replacement

  • Reponere gravida, causam a tergo manubrii PRAETORQUEO et vetus batteries removendum (vide diagramma infra).
  • 4 Inserere x. 4LR1130 gravida.
  • In altilium operimentum reponere.

AVILO-P222346-Foldable-Magnifier-with-LED-fig (3)


  • Integer cursus nisi in tortor tempus gravida.
  • Extergito utens molli xylino ad lens parcere.
  • Noli ponere speculum magnificare in directo solis ad periculum ignis vitare.
  • Noli vitre magnifico uti ad solem directe intueri.
Altilium Monitio:
Noli miscere alkaline, vexillum (saxum carbonis) et gravida rechargeable (including hydride)
Ne novum batteries et mingunt veteres
Lassitudo gravida removenda sunt
Denique, ne copia terminales circuited
Tantum gravida eiusdem vel aequipollenti ut commendatur utendum est
Cum bene sit gradus adgnatorum, eu gravida sunt diutina verticitatem,
penes altilium
The wheelie bin symbol indicates the product and batteries must not be disposed of in the domestic waste as they can contain substances that are damaging to the environment. Please use designated collection points or recycling facilities when disposing of the item or batteries. Batteries should be removed from the product. Contact your local waste disposal agency or your retailer for further information

Documenta / Resources

AVILO P222346 Foldable Magnifier cum LED [pdf] User Manual
P222346 Foldable Magnifier cum DUXERIT, P222346, Foldable Magnifier DUCTUS, Magnifier DUCTUS, DUCTUS


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