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Rockerz 378 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

Thank you for choosing boAt Rockerz 378. This manual is meant to guide you through the functionality of the wireless earphone neckband. Knowledge of Bluetooth and device connection is essential for the usage of the headset Therefore, we strongly advise that this manual be thoroughly read before use, and referred to in times of difficulty, so that you can always be easily guided towards the shores of musical bliss.

FASCICULUS haec sunt:

  • 1 x cymba Rockerz 378
  • 1x USS Type C charging cable
  • Additional 2x Earmuffs
  • 1 x Manual
  • Suspendisse Card 1x
  • 1 x Catalogue
    boAt Rockerz 378 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones - FIG 1


boAt Rockerz 378 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones - FIG 2


  1. When switched off, press and hold the MFB Multifunction Button) for 3 seconds to switch on the wireless earphones and put them Into pairing mode. The earphones automatically enter pairing mode with a voice prompt ‘pairing’, the blue and red LEDs flash alternatively to indicate the same.
  2. Open Bluetooth functionality on your media device and search for “Rockerz 378” from the list of available devices.
  3. Choose “Rockerz 378” from the list and If asked for a passcode, enter the pairing code “0000” to establish Bluetooth connectivity.
  4. Once successfully connected, the blue LED flashes every 10 seconds to indicate the same
    Nota: The wireless neckband automatically turns off If there Is no pairing established in 5 minutes.


  1. Power on: When switched off, press and hold the MFB for 3 seconds The voice prompt “Power On” confirms the same The blue LED flashes once to indicate the same
  2. Power off: In powered on state, press and hold the MFB for S seconds. The voice prompt “Power Off” confirms the same The red LED flashes once before the device gets turned off
  3. Play/Pause: Single tap the MFB to play/pause music at your convenience.
  4. Volume Up: Tap the Volume Up button in steps to increase the volume. The voice prompt “Volume Max” indicates maximum volume
  5. Volume Down: Tap the Volume Down button in steps to decrease the volume.
  6. Answer/End call: Tap the MFB once when answering or ending a call to complete’ action
  7. Rogationem contribulati vocationem: torcular et tenere in MFB advenientis vocationem est enim II minutes in destinavit non admittere voca
  8. Previous Track: To go back to the previous track or start the track from beginning, press and hold rho Vorume Down button for 2 seconds.
  9. Next Track: To skip to the next track, press and hold the Volume Up button for 2 seconds.
  10. Reset Device (Clear Paired List): Press and hold the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds to clear the list of paired devices. The red and blue LEDs flash quickly for 2 seconds to indicate the same
  11. Voice Assistant: Double press the MFB to wake up smart voice assistant
  12. BEAST” Mode with Spatial Bionic Sound Tuned by TH): Single press the Ouick Switch button to switch to Low Latency (BEAST’) mode infused with Spatial Bionic Sound Tuned by THr. Once switched on, it gets notified via a prompt

Single press the Quick Switch button to turn off BEAST Mode and Spatial Bionic Sound Made for the Garners – By Gainers, the BEAST:” Mode reduces the latency significantly and improves the overall gaming experience On the other hand. Spatial Bionic Sound Tuned by THXT” offers Impeccable spatial sound developed for a superior listening experience.
“Tuned by THX- a a trademark belonging to THX Ltd.”

ARGUERE Use a use Type C charging cable to charge the earphone through either a laptop or an adaptor.

  1. Low Battery: When the remaining battery is below 20%. there is a ‘Battery Low’ prompt every 5 minutes and red LED quickly flashes 5 times every few seconds to indicate the same.
  2. Mandans: Solidum rubrum DUXERIT earphone argui indicat (placere nota quod earphone non potest / in dum increpans verti non debet).
  3. Fully charged: Solid blue LEO indicates the same.

SALUS cautiones adjecerimus

  • Please don’t dismantle the product In any way or remove the product’s battery by yourself, as this can lead to a fire or electrical breakdown. Any maintenance or servicing of the earphones should be done only through a qualified service provider/manufacturer.
  • Redige nonummy interdum summa cura tantum adamp mollis pannus, si purgatio requiritur. Quaeso ne ullo liquore volatili oleo utaris. Praeterea ut nec nonummy interdum a calidis vel frigidis substantiis arceantur.
  • Nec nonummy interdum, quod ad dampnum non faciens faciet proventus products ad warantum, omnem vim amittent.
  • Nec nonummy interdum uti non potest, ubi est statio male fida sunt circumdatio eos, ut dum operating Vehiculum in transitu platea, in quo plena operatio aut in aliqua awareness of vestri locus non requiritur.
  • Ad vitare damnum ad audiendum: fac quod volumine in musica ludio ludius oportet esse in hoc gradu cum separati estis in earphone. LXXXV vox supra exposita graduum DB paulatim ad dampnum vel auditu.


Version Bluetooth V5.1
Operating dolor 10m
frequency 2OHz-2OkHz
Location exactoris 10mm•2
Pugna 200mAh
Disputatio tempore Ad horas 25
musicam simul Ad horas 25
Bluetooth Profile HFP / HS.P. / A2DP / AVRCP
standby tempore 6 mensibus
prćcipiens tempore 30 Min
mollis crimen typus C
Impedimentum exactoris 160
BEAST Mode with Spatial Bionic Sound Tuned by THX Yes
Virus 65ms
Pondus Product 27g

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