Trademark Logo ELECTROLUXElectrolux AB sicut maxima appliance manufacturer operatur in mundo cum clientibus plus quam CL regionibus. Societas varia machinamenta domesticorum fabricat quae possidet armarium, machinas abluentes, exuvias, furnos, lautos vacuos, falcatores gramina et catenas serras.

TypePublice operatus est aktiebolag
quam operatus est in eis
Nasdaq Stockholmiae: ELUX B
EST INSE0000103806 
Founded1919; X annos
HeadquartersHolmiae, Sweden
area servivit
Key populo
Staffan Bohman (Praeses)
Ionas Samuelson (Praeses & CEO)
ProductsDomum adjumenta
facesAEG, Electrolux, Electrolux Grand Cuisine, Electrolux Professio, Eureka, Frigidaire, Molteni, Westinghouse, Zanussi.

Eorum officialis websitus est

Directorium usoris manualibus et instructionibus de electrolux productis infra inveniri possunt. electrolux producta patented et trademark sub brands

Contactus info

Electrolux Corporate Oratio
Electrolux Home Products, Inc.

250 Bobby Jones Expressway
Augusta, Georgia 30907

Contactus Electrolux

Numerus telephonicus: (706) 651-1751
Fax Number: (706) 651-7769
Email: Inscriptio Electrolux

Dell Cantiones Instructiones - A Basi...
Dell Cantiones Instructiones - A Basic Guide

Electrolux Facta

Founder: Merger of Two Companies
Date Founded: 1919
Fundavit Location: Sweden
Number of Employees: CXXX

Electrolux Executives

CEO: Jonas Samuelson
CFO: Anna Ohlsson-Leijon
COO: Jan Brockmann

Electrolux LFT769X 90cm Chimney Hood User Manual

Discover how to properly install, use and maintain the Electrolux LFT769X and LFT766X 90cm Chimney Hoods with this user manual. With a maximum airflow rate of 603 cubic meters per hour and noise level of 65 decibels, this steam extractor ensures a clean and comfortable kitchen atmosphere. Learn how to operate the three fan speeds, built-in light, and Breeze function. Keep the filter clean for optimal performance. Get detailed instructions for your LFT769X or LFT766X.

Electrolux E9HL33 Plancha Grill Plate User Manual

Learn how to properly use and care for the E9HL33 Plancha Grill Plate by Electrolux with these detailed product information and usage instructions. Suitable for use in various countries, this grill plate is perfect for cooking protein-rich foods and retaining heat more effectively. Keep it clean with warm soapy water and avoid abrasive materials. Discover more in the user manual.

Electrolux EP81U25ULT ULTIMATE 800 Vacuum Cleaner Instruction Manual

This user manual provides information and instructions on how to use the Electrolux EP81U25ULT Ultimate 800 Vacuum Cleaner, available in three models: Ultimate 800, Animal 800, and Hygienic 800. Learn about battery life, brush head options, and usage time. Warranty details included.

Electrolux KUT5NF26X NoFrost Freezer Instruction Manual

This user manual provides installation and usage instructions for the Electrolux KUT5NF26X NoFrost Freezer. The product is available in selected models and the internal equipment might differ. Refer to the attached manual for dimensions and safety information. For any further assistance, refer to the customer support contact information provided in the manual.

Electrolux E3CM1-3ST Coffee Maker Instruction Manual

Discover the E3CM1-3ST Coffee Maker by Electrolux! Designed with the environment in mind, this high-quality coffee maker comes with a hinged lid, water tank, filter holder, and more. Learn how to get great results every time with usage instructions and optional accessories. All plastic parts are marked for recycling purposes. Read the safety instructions carefully before use.

Electrolux LXB3AF82R Built-in Refrigerator Installation Guide

Ensure safe installation of the Electrolux LXB3AF82R built-in refrigerator with these product usage instructions. Check the PNC number on the brand's website and use specific Electrolux/AEG hobs for installation. Note that graphics in the user manual are only a general overview in opus.
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