DermaWav M31684 4-In-1 Facial Massager


Product Information

The Derma Wav is a facial treatment device that uses acombination of innovative functions to enhance the optical appearance of the skin. It contains an oil content that reduces the penetration of current stimulators into the skin. The device is designed with a smart-touch activation system that allows easy and intelligent operation. It comes with an adjustable head that can be used for treating various parts of the face.

Product Usu mandatum

  1. Before using Derma Wav, remove the transparent protective film from the head of the device.
  2. Ensure that the head of the device is positioned correctly on the skin before activating it.
  3. For optimal results, use Derma Wav on well-moisturized skin, preferably with a serum.
  4. Apply moderate pressure on the device head while massaging it gently over the face.
  5. Do not use Derma Wav if you have any skin conditions such as broken capillaries or varicose veins, or if you have had recent facial surgery.
  6. If you experience any discomfort or tingling sensation while using the device, stop using it immediately and consult a doctor before further use.
  7. Avoid disassembling or modifying the device as it can result in malfunction or injury.
  8. After each use, clean the device head with a damp cloth and store it in a cool, dry place.

By following these instructions, you can maximize the benefits of using Derma Wav for your facial treatments. For further information or assistance, please contact the product importer or customer support.



  • 1x Oerma Wav appliance
  • Is dato negotio funem 1x
  • 1x disciplinam manual
  • Marsupium 1x
  • A. caput
  • B. lux rubrum
  • C. Corporis
  • D. Is dato negotio Portus
  • E. tone


  • Microcurrentes
  • vibrationis
  • Calor
  • lux rubrum

Smart touch technologie
Easy to use. Intelligent touch activation with an electronic intelligent sensor chip: lhe Derma Wav is activaled when its head comes into contact with the skin. Independently adjustable head

  • clauserunt: lor the entire lace· larger areas such as forehead, as well as the lips and neck.
  • V situm; lor eyes, cheeks, chin, neck


To charge the device, plug one end of the charging cable into the charging port on the Iha underside of the product and the other end into the USB port on your computer. The indicator Ught will flash, meaning thatthe device is charging. Leave the device attached until the Iha indicator light stops flashing and stays continuously lit. The charging time for a full charge is 90 minutes.

Nota: The device will not work when it is connected for charging. If using the device expends a complete battery charge, a full charge cycle of 90 minutes is recommended. When using for the first time, peel the transparent protective film from the product head. Pay attention to the direction of the rotating head. Do not turn the head in the opposite direction. This will damage the head.

Cleaning the device: To clean your device, use a soft, lint-free cloth slightly dampened with water or rubbing alcohol. Never immerse the device or hold it under running water.


  • For best results, it is recommended that you use Derma Wav after first cleaning the skin.
  • Cleanse your face and neck with an oil-free cleanser.
    Nota: Products containing oil reduce the penetration of the stimulation current.
  • For best results, use Derma Wav on well- moisturised skin. The best way to do this is to use a moisturizing serum or lotion, apply a few minutes before treatment, and allow it to absorb.
  • Derma Wav uses intelligent smart-touch activation. To turn Derma Wav on and off, simply place the treatment head on the skin of the face to turn it on, and remove it to turn it off.
  • Gently stroke the treatment head over the face or the areas you want to treat with medium pressure. When used correctly, the treatment feels very gentle, beneficial and mild.


Use the following methods:



  • Use the Derma Wav for at least 10 minutes each day. The daily treatment can last for as long as up to 30 minutes.
  • For the first 60 days, you should use Derma Wav at least 5 times per week.
  • After that, you should use the product 2-3 times a week to maintain the achieved results.


  • Please follow the instructions/ operating manual.
  • Never forcibly turn the head.
  • Keep the device away from water (this includes bathtubs, showers and sinks)
  • If the device starts to Overheat, use it immediately.
  • Stop using the device immediately it you SUspect that t is not working properly or has become defective. Do not disassemble or modify the device as this could result n damage, malfunction or personal injury. The device contains no user-serviceable parts.
  • Do not use on swollen, inflamed areas of skin, open wounds or rashes, or on broken capillaries, varicose veins, etc.
  • Cease treatment with the Derma Wav immediately if you feel unwell.
  • Pervenire facerent liberorum ex arte.
  • A slight tingling sensation may be telt when used around the eyes; this is a normal reaction.
  • Do not useif you have recently had facial or other related surgery.
  • lt you have any concerns, speak to your doctor before using the Derma Wav.

Technical data:

  • initus: 5V⎓0,3A, IPX0


Noli disponere hunc productum ad finem vitae suae servitutis per normalem vastitatem domesticam. Disponi debet per collectionem procurationis recyclorum electricum et electronicarum machinarum. Hoc significatur per symbolum in facto, in instructione manuali, et in packaging. Interroga de collectione locali institutionum quae operantur a distributore tuo vel administratione municipali. Redivivo, adhibitis materiis, vel aliis formis redivivi veteris unitatibus, magni momenti confertis ad nostrum ambitum tuendum.

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Gravida non sunt in domo deserta. Recte obligaris ad gravidas et rechargeables gravidas ad exitum scrutandum post usum reddere, ut amicabiliter disponi possint, et ut materias rudis quas continent REDIVIVUS possint. Reditus gravida et recharge batteries gratuitus est. Reusus et redivivus gravidarum adhibitorum magnum momentum confert ad tutelam nostrae ambitus, sicut quaedam medicamenta toxica et damnosa sunt ambitui. Hae substantiae per alimentum catenae in corpus humanum intrare possunt. Usus gravidae, quae lithium continent ignem periculum ponunt ob circulos brevium internorum et externorum. Quaeso, ut ante dispositionem taeniolae terminales ad vitandum ambitum brevem externum. Pugnae et gravidae rechargeables non permanenter installatae a seorsim amovendae et disponendae sunt. Pugnae et rechargeables gravidae nonnisi post dimissas reddi debent.

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