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FQC8222 Clixx Wireless Earbuds

FlinQ FQC8241 Air Compressor Portable - Icon 1 Gratias acquirendi hoc FlinQ product!
Ut continuam operationem et accurationem conservet, has instructiones operativas diligenter ante usum perlege et hanc manualem in futurum usum serva. Ad praetermittenda quaedam procedendi ratio in falsa lectione et usu inveniatur. Speramus fore ut novo productum tuo utendo frueris!
If by any chance the item is damaged, defective or broken, you are covered with warranty! Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions, concerns or suggestions at the email address as mentioned in this manual. We deserve the right to make technical and design modifications in the course of continuous product development. Read and follow the instructions contained in this manual carefully.
Keep these instructions at a safe place for future reference.

FlINQ Icon Salutem Information:

Please read this manual thoroughly before using the product! Keep it in hand for future reference.
Warnings alert the user to potential serious outcomes, such as injury or adverse events to the user.
Cautions alert the user to exercise care necessary for the safe and effective use of the product. Notes contain important information that may be overlooked or missed.
This product can be used indoors and outdoors (see below for more info).
This appliance may be used by children aged 12 and over, and by persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capacities or a lack of sufficient experience and/or knowledge, provided they are supervised or have been trained in the safe use of the appliance and understand the potential dangers.
Cleaning and maintenance must not be carried out by children without supervision. Children must not be allowed to play with the appliance.
Keep the packaging material away from children. There is a risk of suffocation!
Unsupervised pueros praestare non admittunt mundi fabrica.

  • MONITUM! Do not leave packaging material lying around carelessly. This may become dangerous playing material for children. Risk of suffocation!
  • PRAECEPS due to swallowing small parts. Keep these away from children. Risk of suffocation!

Shearwater 17001 Air Integration Pressure Transmitter - icon 3 Vitare periculum vitae ab ictu electrica:

  • Do not operate the unit with a damaged power line or damaged power plug.
    ATTENTION! Damaged power lines represent danger to life by electric shock.
  • Check the power lines regularly for damages and aging. If the power line is damaged, it must be re- placed by the manufacturer, his / her representative or a similarly qualified person in order to avoid safety hazards.
  • Tute vim rectam contra margines acutos, contentionem mechanicam et superficies calidas.
  • Noli in unitatem flectere, si damna visibiles (exempli lachrymas vel rimas) videas, vel si laedi unitatem ponis (exempli gratia post delapsam).

FlINQ IconFUJIFILM AGXUKXD8FK Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera - Icon 2NOTE / ADMONITIO:

  • Ne aperiam fierent vis.
  • Haec machina non est LUDIBRIUM, A pueris abstinete!
  • Do not use with appliances that could cause any fire in unattended use (like irons etc.) delete.
  • Quilibet alius usus sicut modus destinatus ad hanc machinam convalescit pro aliquo warantia vel Rusticis.
  • This device is only used for domestic and private use.
  • earbuds nimium ne uteris nec pressuris condunt. Auriculae calori et aquae non repugnant.
  • Custodi earbuds ab WIFI iter itineris vel alio apparatu frequentiae summus et muros etc., ne intermissio signum recipiatur.
  • Use the earplugs in working range (max. 10 meters). The effect will be significantly better if there are no obstacles between the connected devices.
  • Utere his Bluetooth nonummy interdum cum aliquo artificio cum functione stereo Bluetooth.
  • Noli premere earbuds nimis difficiles in stationem emissarios, si vis eos accusare! Mollis "click magnetica" indicat eas recte positas esse. Lux rubescit cum impetu incipit LED.
  • Cum earbuds iterum utens, eas rectus serva, cum eas a statione ne damnum removeas.
  • Si gressum vel aliam electronicam machinam medicinalem geris, consilium tuum medici quaerere debes antequam hoc productum uteris.
  • Fuge pluviam, d*amptatem vel contactus cum aliis liquoribus
  • To prevent possible hearing damage, do not listen at high volume for long periods!

Speci fi:

TWS (True Wireless Stereo); Clixx wireless design, individual channel left and right, HIFI True stereo sound with deep bass quality. Both the left and right earbuds are connected via Bluetooth. These can be used individually or as a pair.

Bluetooth versio: V5.1+ BR+EDR Specification
Bluetooth mode:01.” AzDP1.3/HFP1.5/AVCTP 1.4/AVDTP 1.3/AVRCP 1.5 / AAC/SBC
IP Grade: V IP-XL, splash proof
Pugna status indicator auxilium: ita*
Talk/Music playtime a set of earbuds (L+R) mode: 6 8hours,
Stand by time a set of earbuds (L+R Connect Phone ) mode: 3o hours max.*
Praecipe tempus docking causa: 12o minutes max.
Praecipe tempus earbud(s): 12o minutes max.
Docking casus facultatem ad earbuds re- cusare; 3 times max. pro utroque earbuds, seu 6 vicibus pro uno earbud.
Battery docking case: 400mAh Lithium Ion Pugna
Altilium earbuds: 4omAh Lithium Ion Battery
Et micantis USB: DC 5V IN IA (i.000mA) max
Wireless frequentia: Intel Pentium 2.400 2.480,
Wireless longe a.o meters max
Speaker driver frequenc;: XX - 20K HZ
Orator magnitudine: aomm
MIC: apcs (-42db±3db) Omnidirectional
speaker: aomm (32 Ohm) Dynamic type
Output potentia: aomW (2x 5mW)
Rated potestas: 2X 0.2W
Plasmodium: gg±3dB S.P.L at aKHZ amW
Microphone SNR (Signal Noise Ratio): > 58db
Weight: 55 gram (single earbud 5g)
Dimensions: 64x55x26mm

* Nota: Depends on phone brand, type and / or model
This product is a earbud product.
Lege et sequere instructiones quae in hoc manuali diligenter continentur. Haec mandata ad locum securum de futuro observant.
Vita operativa producti minor erit si temperatus ambiens altior 45°C vel minor quam -10°C.

FlINQ Clixx Wireless Earbuds - Fig


  1. Pulvis-probationem reticulum
  2. button multifunction
  3. tortor ligula, facilisis
  4. Is dato nexu punctum
  5. DUXERIT lucem stationem stultum
  6. C-genus præcipientes portum

FlINQ Clixx Wireless Earbuds - Fig 1

FlinQ FQC8241 Air Compressor Portable - Icon 1 MAIN USE CAUTIONS BEFORE FIRST USE:
Shearwater 17001 Air Integration Pressure Transmitter - icon 3 NOTE:

  • Fac funes aleam iter facere non possunt.
  • This device is intended for inside and outside use but it is not fully waterproof IP6x grade.
  • Hoc non est TOY, ab infantibus parvis infra 6 annos abstine.
  • Noli te aperire vel disiungere machinam, hoc omni tempore evacuabit warantum.
  • Noli discurrere, reficere vel mutare factum a te ipso, sicut hoc in ictu electrico provenire potest.
  • Ductus fons non est replaceable.
  • If the cable is damaged or broken please contact your seller for correct replacement by the manufacturer only.
  • Do not stand, sit on, jump or throw with the device at all times.
  • Noli hoc productum in aere iactare ad vitare damnum cadendo.
  • Tantum utere fabrica ad usum destinatum.
  • Cura producti et regulariter munda.
  • Numquam tactus obturaculum contactus acutis aut metallicis obiectis.
  • Sola copia originali et accessoriis originalibus utere.
  • De speciali fabrica liquores et vapores protegat


  • Please note that the power port of the device should not have water infiltration. Otherwise, it will cause a product failure.
  • Do not charge or store the product in a place below 0 ℃ or above 40 ℃, otherwise the product performance will be reduced.

Shearwater 17001 Air Integration Pressure Transmitter - icon 3 Read and follow DE INSTRUCTIONIBUS omni diligentia.
Do not install near a gas, electric radiator, fireplace, candles, or other sources with a similar heat.
Do not staple, nail, or hook the power cable.
Numquam tactus obturaculum contactus acutis aut metallicis obiectis.
Ne machinam tantum ab electricis funes pendeant.
An electric product is not a toy! To avoid the risk of fire, burns, injuries or electric shock, the power cable should not be left within the reach of children.
Productum extra usum intentum non uti.
Ornamenta aliave res in rudentes machinis ne pendeant.
Noli claudere fenestras et ostia funiculi potentiae ne laedas velit.
Do not cover the product with a material (paper, cloth, etc.) that is not part of the product when in use.
Lege et sequere omnia instructiones quae in facto vel cum eo indicantur.
Ut hoc manual pro futuro reference.
FlinQ FQC8241 Air Compressor Portable - Icon 1 OPERATION AND CONTROL USE:
DE auto / ON:

This product is made with an auto sensor switch to turn the earbuds on and off automatically when you
open or close the lid from the docking case. Open the lid is auto ON, close the lid is auto OFF.
APEX: Auriculae etiam manually DE et ON per conjunctionem sensorem tactus possunt exponi.

  1. I par earbud:
    a) Open the docking case, the sensor switch will power it on, then the left and right earbuds will be paired to each other automatically. Then choose 1 of the 2 earbuds and close the case.
    b) Turn on Bluetooth on your mobile device and select “FlinQ Clixx Wireless Earbuds” from the list. You will then hear a voice that says that you are “connected”. From now on you can listen to music and you are able to receive calls. The Clixx Wireless earbuds also supports incoming calls.
    * Nota:
    During phone calls only 1 earbud works (depends on phone brand and / or model), you can keep the other earbud in the charging dock. When take out the other earbud to use, the both earbuds will connect each other automatically to be synchronized including the memory function.
  2. Par utraque earbuds;
    a)Open the docking case, the sensor switch will power it on, then the left and right earbuds will be paired to each other automatically. Take out both of the 2 earbuds, the right earbud work as host.
    b)Then enable Bluetooth on your device and select ” Flinq Clixx Wireless Earbuds” from the list. When the LED light slowly blinks blue, the earbuds have been successfully connected. The battery status is visible on your mobile phone (if supported).
    c)You will hear the message “connected” for verification.
    During phone calls two earbuds can work, and on both sides you can control Power off/Play/Pause individually during the connection. The other earpiece is then synchronized. The memory function is automatically supported when reconnecting both devices (both earbuds and the device) that were used last time!

Please check first if the MEDIUM size tip is fitting properly in your inner eardrums. If it’s good, comfortable and fitted well and it closed up well your eardrums inside size then no need to change it. If needed to change see below:
Pull firmly to remove the MEDIUM installed size’s when needed.
To attach the SMALL or LARGE tip’s push it until it “clicks” properly.
Usus Bluetooth:

  1. Faciens phone vocat:
    Make sure the earbuds are connected to your mobile device. You can call now. With phone calls, 1 or 2 of the earbuds works. You will hear the telephone number when you receive a call.
    You answer the call by pressing the right or left touch button once. To reject the call, press 2x quickly the right or the left touch button so the call is rejected. When the earbuds are in music or standby mode, you can call the last telephone number again by pressing the right touch button 3x quickly. You can change the volume by pressing the touch button 2x shortly on the right headset for volume + and 2x shortly on the left touch button headset for volume – or change it by the volume buttons from your device directly.
    Pro Apple utentes SIRI utentes: 3x cito instare in tincidunt felis multifunctioni sinistrae illud activate.
  2. Audi tuam musicam
    Fac ut earbudes cum fabrica mobili tuo connexae sint. Nunc musicam audire potes in tuo fabularum indice. 1x brevibus premere puga tactum prohibere musica. Preme puga iterum pergere. Diu premere puga dextra tangendi donec custodieris auditur in proximo cantu et diu premere puga pyga sinistra tangendi donec mi audiatur pro cantu priore.
  3. Off potentia
    Hold down the touch button until the LED light shows red. The Bluetooth device switches off, even when the earbuds are both connected as a set. If the earbuds have been removed from your Bluetooth device for more than 5 minutes, they will switch off automatically. You do not have to worry about empty battery.
  4. incurrentes
    You will hear a reminder sound when the battery is low. At the same time, the LED light will turn red on the earbuds. Place the earbuds inside the docking case and close the lid. During charging, the LED light turns red (to check open the lid a little bit to see the leds working), and it switches off automatically when it is fully charged.
    If both earbuds are empty and also the docking case, please re-charge the docking case at first with the Type-C charge cable. The docking case will be charged firstly (led with flash 1,2,3 till 4 leds all will ON 1 by 1 till full) and when full it will automatically charge the earbuds till full (led will be ON from 4, 3, 2 till 1 led 1 by 1 till empty) and then switch auto off.
    Nota: the earbuds will be switched off automatically during charging.

Shearwater 17001 Air Integration Pressure Transmitter - icon 3Nota:
New batteries must be recharged and discharged 3 ~ 5 times before their full function use time is released. Disconnect from the charger when the battery is fully charged, as overcharging can shorten battery life. When not in usage, the charge in a fully charged battery slowly disappears. Do not place the product near a heat source or expose it to direct sunlight, dust, moisture, rain or mechanical impact. Try to keep the battery temperature between 0°C and 45°C at all times. If the battery is too hot or too cold, the product may not work temporarily, even if it is fully charged. Do not attempt to charge the device when the battery is damaged. Never insert metal objects in any opening of the USB charging port.
The rechargeable battery is built into the device and cannot be replaced.
Do not throw the battery into the fire, otherwise it may explode. Batteries may also explode if being damaged, please handle and disposal it according to local conditions and regulations.
FlinQ FQC8241 Air Compressor Portable - Icon 1CAPUT Notes:
When the earbuds are switched OFF and ON it will automatically re-connect to the last paired device, if not done automatically please press 1x short the left or right button to re-connect it.
If a paired BT enabled device is in range, the device will connect automatically when it’s in range.
If you would like to connect the device to another BT enabled device, you must first disconnect it manually in your BT device list or switch off your BT.

  • Battery indication on iOS devices and some other brands when applicable.
  • Power save function: If the earbuds are not successfully connected within 5 minutes, they will automatically shut down.

FlinQ FQC8241 Air Compressor Portable - Icon 1 Troubleshooting tips:

  1. earbuds nimium ne uteris nec pressuris condunt. Auriculae calori et aquae non repugnant.
  2. Custodi earbuds ab WIFI iter itineris vel alio apparatu frequentiae summus et muros etc., ne intermissio signum recipiatur.
  3. Use the earbuds in working range (max. 10 meters). The effect will be significantly better if there are no obstacles between the connected devices.
  4. Utere his Bluetooth nonummy interdum cum aliquo artificio cum functione stereo Bluetooth.
  5. Do not press the earbuds too hard into the charging station if you want to charge them! A soft “magnetic click” indicates that they have been placed correctly. The LED light turns ON when charging starts.
  6. Cum earbuds iterum utens, eas rectus serva, cum eas a statione ne damnum removeas.
  7. Quaeso, scrutare si volumen tincidunt ipsum temperatio sit ad minimum volumine, volumine oportet quod vel sit non volutpat ut.
  8. If the earbuds have been removed from your Bluetooth device for more than 5 minutes, they will switch off automatically. You do not have to worry about empty battery.
  9. If the earbud cap is too big or small, pls change it to match well with your inner eardrum size.



Cum usus electrica productos, certae cautiones adhibendae sunt, etiam quae sequuntur:
Shearwater 17001 Air Integration Pressure Transmitter - icon 3 Read and follow DE INSTRUCTIONIBUS omni diligentia.
This IP-X3 product is suitable for indoor and outdoor use but it’s not fully waterproof IP-6x, do not submerse under water!
Quaeso uti initus vol ratedtage potentia copia producti memoratur in pittacia aversa.
Noli prope machinam gasi instituere vel alios fontes simili processu calefactionis.
Productum extra usum intentum non uti.
Lege et sequere omnia instructiones quae in facto vel cum eo indicantur.
Ut hoc manual pro futuro reference.
In casu non usu, productum in loco frigido et sicco repone a sole directo.

  • NON-Replaceable DUXERIT luminaria!

Shearwater 17001 Air Integration Pressure Transmitter - icon 3 Si vis, nota:
A) Please enjoy music at a moderate volume to prevent adverse effects on the hearing
B) Please don’t wear when driving or cycling to affect safety.
C) Product specifications are subject to change without notice.
D) If disassemble the headset without authorization, we cannot guarantee the quality.

FlinQ FQC8241 Air Compressor Portable - Icon 1INVENTUM EMUNDATIO:

※ Make sure the device is kept dust free and clean. Clean it regularly with a dry anti-static cloth and with warm, soapy water but make sure that no water liquid can enter the lamp luminaire. Dry the device before turning it ON again.
※Please do not immerse the main unit in water, it is not waterproof!
leniter extergito cum panno mundo molli (microfiber) damptitudine aqua vel leni purgat.
Lotion fortem irritantem non utere ut gasoline, alcohol vel Flexilis aqua.

FlINQ Logo 1FlinQ Commerce
Eemweg 74,3755, XNUMX LD, Eemnes, The Netherlands
Support and warranty information :info@flinqproducts.nl
FlinQ is a trademark of FlinQ Commerce.
Other brands and product names,logos are trandenames or
trademarks/logos of their rightful owners.
Omnes determinationes obnoxiae sunt sine ulla officiali notitia.
CREATUS in Belgio

arbitrio Information
Collectio separata.
WEE-Disposal-icon.png Hoc symbolo significat opus non esse abiiciendum cum domo communi vastata. Distincta est ratio collectionis harum productorum.
FlINQ Icon 1 WEEE, the waste electrical and electronic equipment directive This marking shown on the product or its literature, indicates that it should not be disposed with other household wastes at the end of its working life. To prevent possible harm to the environment or human health from uncontrolled waste disposal, please separate this from other types of wastes and recycle it responsibly to promote the sustainable reuse of material resources. Household user should contact either the retailer where they purchased this product or their local government office for details of where and how they can take this item for environmentally safe recycling. Business users should contact their supplier and check the terms and conditions of the purchase contract. This product should not be mixed with other commercial wastes for disposal. Do not dispose of batteries in your household waste. Dispose of batteries by taking them to your local recycling store or station, contact your local government office for more details.
Information in this document is subject to change without notice. The manufacturer does not make any representations or warranties (implied or otherwise) regarding the accuracy and completeness of this document and shall in no event be liable for any loss of profit or any commercial damage, including but not limited to special, incidental, consequential or other damage. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording or information recording and retrieval systems without the expressed written permission of the manufacturer. Our company owns all right to this unpublished work and intends to maintain this work as confidential. Our company may also seek to maintain this work as an unpublished copyright. This publication is to be used solely for the purpose of reference, operation, maintenance or repair of our equipment. No part of this can be disseminated for other purposes. In the event of inadvertent or deliberate publication, our company intends to enforce its right to this work under copyright laws as a published work. Those having access to this manual may not copy, disseminate or disclose the information in this work unless expressly authorized by our company. All information contained in this manual is believed to be correct. Our company shall not be liable for errors contained herein nor for incidental or consequential damages in connection with the furnishing, performance, or use of this material. This publication may refer to information and protected by copyrights or patents and does not convey any license under the patent rights of our company, nor the rights of others. Our company does not assume any liability arising out of any infringements of patents or other rights of third parties described at any time without notice or obligation. Also, content of the manual is subject to change without prior notice.


The warranty begins on the date of purchase and expires after 24 months. The warranty period is considered to have started three months after the date of manufacturing indicated on the product or as derived from the serial number of the product. If any defect due to faulty materials and/or workmanship occurs within the warranty period, we will make arrangements for service. Where a repair is not possible or is deemed uneconomical we may agree to replace the product. Replacement will be offered at our discretion and the warranty will continue from the date of original purchase. The warranty applies provided the product has been handled properly for its intended use and in
accordance with the operating instructions.
CE SYMBOLSupport, warranty and questions information: :info@flinqproducts.nl This product is designed, produced and tested in accordance with the strictest European safety  irective’s and test standards.

EU conformitatis DECLARANDAM Art

Per hoc autem, Conform that the products mentioned are with the following safety and hazardous
EC – REP Company: Substances restrictions in electrical and electronic equipment requirements of the relevant European Union harmonization directives 2014/53/EU, 2014/30/EU,
FlinQ Commerce (EC)2019/1021, (EC)NO 850/2004, (EC)NO 1907/2006, (EU)2015/863, (EU)2017/2102,
Address 2011/65/EU, 2012/19/EU and all amendments. Conformity Is guaranteed by the CE
Eemweg 74, Symbol. This product has been tested following harmonized standards and EU
3755 LD Eemnes, Community legislation specifications, applying versions will be valid in May  2021. T
Netherlands Thefull text of the EU declaration of conformity is available at the following internet
Declaramus unice curam ut sequenti apparatu: inscriptio: www.flinqproducts.nl
ARTI DE MUTATIONIBUS SUBIECTO ulterius progressionem
Product Rating: DC 5V –1A (1000mA) max CONCINNATUS STANDARDS
Product Type: EN 55032 : 2015 EN 55032 : 2017 EN 61000-3-2: 2014 EN 61000-3-3: 2013 EN 301 489-1 V2.2.3(2019-11)
EN 301 489-1 V2.2.3(2020-07) EN 300328 V2.2.2(2019-07) EN 62368:2014+A11:2017
Auctoritate signature: En 62479: 2010
Title CEO FlinQ commerce Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (EMC) 2014/30/EU Radio Equipment Directive (RED) 2014/53/EU
Reductio substantiarum periculosarum (ROHS) directivarum 2011/65/EU + 2015/863/EU et (EU)2017/2102
locus REACH Regulation 1907/2006 Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive 2012/19/EU
Regula in Pertinax Organici Pollutants (POP) 2019/1021
Date/Date:31-05-2021FlinQ FQC8241 Air Compressor Portable - Icon 5 CE SYMBOLBattery Directive 2013/56/EU Product Safety Act PAH AfPS GS 2019:01 PAK

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