HYUNDAI HHE203203 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner


Product Information

This cordless stick vacuum cleaner is a quality home appliance designed for indoor use only. It comes with a lithium-ion battery and a charger, which should be used in conjunction with each other. The product features a thermal safety cut-out device that instantly stops power when the vacuum overheats. To prevent clogs and reduced airflow, keep all vents and openings clear of dust, lint, hair, and other debris. The appliance is not suitable for use on liquids or wet surfaces, and it should not be used for vacuuming burning or smoking items.

Institutiones salutem

  1. Omnes instructiones diligenter sequere cum hoc opus congregans et utens.
  2. Never leave the charger on or plugged in for prolonged periods of time when not in use. Always unplug before servicing.
  3. Enim umbraticis solum.
  4. Do not use the vacuum if the charger or battery are damaged.
  5. Hoc productum non uteris sine vase pulvere et in loco colum.
  6. Noli obturaculum, patinam, aut manus udas tractas.
  7. Do not operate this vacuum for extended periods of time near heat sources such as fires, radiators, heaters, lit cigarettes, etc.
  8. This product features a thermal safety cut-out device. Should the vacuum overheat, power will instantly be stopped. In this event, the device should be switched off and left to cool completely before attempting to use again.
  9. Instrumentum curare penitus per agmen et ad nervum switched off antequam ab altilium patina removeatur. Ne funem supergrediaris.
  10. Do not submerge any part of the appliance in water.
  11. Cum patina obturaculum ab summa copia removens, ab ipso obturatorio fac, non per funiculum.
  12. Ensure that all vents and openings are kept clear of dust, lint, hair, and anything that may reduce airflow. A clogged vent may cause the product to overheat.
  13. Ensure that hair, loose clothing, fingers, and all parts of the body are kept away from the openings and moving parts of the vacuum.
  14. Producto hoc utitur altilium-lithium-ion. Vasta gravida gravida, ubi fieri potest, tuto REDIVIVUS.
  15. INSTRUMENTUM solum adhibendum est cum pugna adhibita coniuncta cum patina suppeditata.
  16. Altilium temperaturis ab copia altilium.
  17. Do not pierce or attempt to open the battery under any circumstances.
  18. In the event of a leaking battery, ensure that acid stays away from skin and eyes. If acid comes into contact with skin, rinse with clean, fresh water and seek medical advice. If acid comes into contact with eyes, rinse with clean fresh water and seek medical attention immediately.
  19. Extra curandum est quando purgatio in gradibus.
  20. Instrumentum curare est ante iunctio quaevis accessiones sunt off.
  21. Not suitable for use on liquids or wet surfaces.
  22. Not suitable for vacuuming burning or smoking items, such as cigarettes, matches, or hot ashes.
  23. Noli hunc productum per longius temporis intervalla in directo sole relinquere.
  24. Any person using this product should be fully aware of the hazards involved. A responsible adult should always ensure the product is used under supervision or that adequate instruction has been given to adults with reduced physical, mental or sensory capabilities, or anyone with a lack of experience using a similar product. This product is not a toy. Children under 16 should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with this vacuum cleaner.
  25. If the appliance needs repairing, this must be done by a qualified professional or electrician to avoid injury or further damage to the product.
  26. Return to the retailer if defects are found before use.

Product Usu mandatum

  1. Before using the cordless stick vacuum cleaner, read the user manual carefully and follow all safety instructions.
  2. To assemble the vacuum, attach the nozzle and any necessary accessories to the main body of the appliance.
  3. Ensure that the dust container and filter are in place before using the vacuum.
  4. Charge the lithium-ion battery using the supplied charger. Do not leave the charger on or plugged in for prolonged periods of time when not in use, and do not overstretch the charging cable.
  5. To turn on the vacuum, switch it on via the main body and at the socket. Do not handle the plug, charger, or appliance with wet hands.
  6. When cleaning with the appliance, ensure that all vents and openings are kept clear of dust, lint, hair, and other debris to prevent clogs and reduced airflow.
  7. If the vacuum overheats, power will instantly be stopped. In this event, switch off the device and leave it to cool completely before attempting to use it again.
  8. Extra curandum est, quando purgatio per scalas adhibenda est.
  9. When the vacuum needs to be emptied, turn it off and remove the dust container. Empty the contents into a bin and clean the container and filter before replacing them.
  10. If the appliance needs repairing, do not attempt to repair it yourself. Instead, take it to a qualified professional or electrician to avoid injury or further damage to the product.

PARS Description


  1. Solum caput
  2. Solum capitis release puga
  3. COLLUM intromitti rimulam
  4. Dusting nozzle
  5. Extensio tubo conjunctionem release
  6. Pulvis continens release button
  7. Virtus temperatio key
  8. Power maintenance lights
  9. DE / OFF puga pyga
  10. Altilium release button
  11. Button pulveris release
  12. ADIUNCTUS hamo
  13. extensio fistula
  14. Pugna
  15. Murus mons
  16. cochleas
  17. disco


Maximus: Si apertura suctionis in unitate vel caligarum interclusa est, vacuum mundius avertas et obstructionem substantiae aufer antequam iterum unitatem incipias.

  1. Noli operari vacuum lautus nimium prope calentium, radiatorum vel cigarette dolabra.
  2. Priusquam potentiam obturaculum in exitum parietis inseras, fac manus tuae aridae esse.
  3. Priusquam vacuuming incipias, fac ut res magnas vel acutas removeas quae sparguntur colum pulvis laederent.
  4. Cum extrahere potestatem obturaculum a muro emisso, obturaculum trahere non funiculum potentiae.
  5. Tolle fumigans non omne quod ardet aut Montibus, aut par favilla.
  6. Colum sine pulvere ne adhibeas in loco colum.


NOTE: Priusquam INSTRUMENTUM convenias figere montem inclusum ad murum Subsequens, satis altum vacuum collocatur ut tuto ascendatur.


  1. Install the battery into the housing by sliding it into the appropriate slot. It will «click» into place.HYUNDAI-HHE203203-Cordless-Stick-Vacuum-Cleaner-2
  2. Install the dust container by inserting the clip into the main body, then twisting into place. It will «click» to secure.HYUNDAI-HHE203203-Cordless-Stick-Vacuum-Cleaner-3
  3. This now completes the main body


  1. Insert the connector of the motor-drived floor head into the base of the extension tube by clicking it into place.HYUNDAI-HHE203203-Cordless-Stick-Vacuum-Cleaner-4
  2. Tabulatum caput et tubulum principali affigere per rimatim in locum per ductum aerem connectoris.HYUNDAI-HHE203203-Cordless-Stick-Vacuum-Cleaner-5
  3. If using the floor head without the tube, simply attach it to the main body via the air duct connector. It will «click» when secure.HYUNDAI-HHE203203-Cordless-Stick-Vacuum-Cleaner-6


  1. Attach the extension tube to the main body by slotting it into place the via duct connector.HYUNDAI-HHE203203-Cordless-Stick-Vacuum-Cleaner-7
  2. Attach the crevice nozzle to the base of the extension tube via the connector. It will «click» into place.HYUNDAI-HHE203203-Cordless-Stick-Vacuum-Cleaner-8
  3. If using accessories without the tube, simply attach them to the main body via the air duct connector. It will «click» when secure.HYUNDAI-HHE203203-Cordless-Stick-Vacuum-Cleaner-9
  4. Attach the dusting nozzle to the extension tube or the main body, same as the crevice nozzle.HYUNDAI-HHE203203-Cordless-Stick-Vacuum-Cleaner-10

Sodales ante primam USUS PERITUS

  1. Mount the unit to the wall bracket.
  2. Ensure that the air vent, suction pipe are free from blockages and dust. Should they suddenly become clogged, switch off the appliance immediately and clear the blockage before attempting to use the vacuum again.
  3. Remove any sharp or large objects from the path of the vacuum before using as these may irreparably damage the appliance.HYUNDAI-HHE203203-Cordless-Stick-Vacuum-Cleaner-11

NOTE: In eventu sustentationis profluvio cum producto ut in Metronactis penicillo volumine, omnia tria lumina caerulea indicata in et procul micant donec exitus resolvatur, in hoc casu emundationem convertet donec exitus rectificetur.

altilium præcipiens

  • A. Push the release button and take the battery module out.HYUNDAI-HHE203203-Cordless-Stick-Vacuum-Cleaner-21
    Plug the cable into the power inlet located on the side of the battery. When charging, the energy indicator light will be illuminated RED. Once fully charged this indicator light will change to GREEN. Indicator lights may turn off when fully charged. Once fully charged, turn off the charger plug from the power socket.HYUNDAI-HHE203203-Cordless-Stick-Vacuum-Cleaner-12
  • B. Also you can change the battery in the main body directly. The three lights in the top of the body will indicate the state of the battery. when the battery is fully charged, all three lights will keep bright in green.

Operating vacuoHYUNDAI-HHE203203-Cordless-Stick-Vacuum-Cleaner-13

MONITIO: Vacuum ante primum utens plene argui debet.

  1. Remove the vacuum cleaner from the wall mount. If using as a hand held unit, disassemble the tube and attach the desired accessory.
  2. Potentia DE / OFF puga conversus in appliance.HYUNDAI-HHE203203-Cordless-Stick-Vacuum-Cleaner-14
  3. For a stronger suction, press the Power adjustment key to increase the strength. deal for when you are cleaning carpets with a high pile.
  4. Ad vacuum averte, iterum preme potentiam / ON puga pyga.

Purgato in quo est pulvis

  1. Preme pulvis continens conjunctionem emissiones et unitatem disassemble ut solum corpus manet.
  2. Unclip the dust container from the main body.HYUNDAI-HHE203203-Cordless-Stick-Vacuum-Cleaner-15
  3. Over a waste bin, press the dust release button to open the bottom cover and expel any dust, dirt and debris. Wipe clean only, do not submerge in water.HYUNDAI-HHE203203-Cordless-Stick-Vacuum-Cleaner-16

Filtrum emundare:

  1. Tollere pulverem continens agmen.
  2. Twist the lid of the dust container anit-clockwise to open.HYUNDAI-HHE203203-Cordless-Stick-Vacuum-Cleaner-17
  3. Spongiae diverticulum removere sparguntur a summo pulvere continentis.HYUNDAI-HHE203203-Cordless-Stick-Vacuum-Cleaner-18
  4. Accende intus stupam sub aqua munda. Non utuntur sapone vel aliis agentibus purgandis.
  5. Allow filter to dry naturally before placing back into the vacuum. Do not place on radiators or use additional appliances, such as a hair dryer, to dry the filter. Doing so may cause the filter to warp or for other irreparable damage to occur.


  1. Slide the brush roll securing catch ”A” away from the brush as indicated in the illustration below.
  2. Remove penicillo volumine habitationi a penicillo.HYUNDAI-HHE203203-Cordless-Stick-Vacuum-Cleaner-19
  3. Carefully clean and remove any hairs and fibres from the brush roll. Wipe clean only, do not use any soap or harsh cleaning agents.
  4. If brush roll becomes damp during cleaning, allow to dry naturally before replacing the brush roll back into the housing.HYUNDAI-HHE203203-Cordless-Stick-Vacuum-Cleaner-20
  5. Slide securing catch “A” back into original position to secure the brush roll.


The appliance will not power on. This may be caused by a flat battery. This can occur if the appliance has been used or stored for an extended period of time. Connect the vacuum to the charger and allow for a full charging cycle to complete.

Subito vacuum substitit;
This will occur if the safety cut-out device has been activated. This device is designed to prevent your appliance from overheating. Ensure the vacuum is turned off , disconnect all accessories and leave to cool down for at least half an hour before attempting to operate again. Try to identify the source of the overheat by checking for blockages in the extension tube motor-drived floor head and accessories. Empty the dust container and clean or replace the filter.

Vacuo suctus redegit;
Turn the vacuum off. Disconnect the floor head, extension tube and any accessories. Check for and remove any blockages from the dustbin filter, air duct, extension tube
floor head and accessories.

Caput motorised tabulatum non revolvitur:
This tends to occur when there are too many fibres wrapped around the brush roll restricting movement. Consult the maintenance section of this manual for instructions on how to appropriately clean the brush roll.

Incurrens indicator lux non rutilat;
There may be no power reaching the vacuum from the charger. Ensure that power is being supplied to the mains socket and that the charger is turned on. Ensure the charging cable is securely connected to the vacuum Ensure the mains socket is switched off before checking the charging cable itself. Do not attempt to use if the cable is split, frayed or otherwise damaged. Instead, seek a replacement charger.

Vacui applicatio temporis minus est quam ante esse solebat;
Ensure the battery has completed a full charging cycle. An insufficient charging cycle will result in reduced application time. There may be reduced energy discharge in the battery. This is normal and gradually occurs in all batteries over time.


  • virtus; 100 Watt(Brush motor);
  • Altilium Type: 2200mAh Lithium Ion
  • Pugna Voltage: 22.2V
  • Detachable battery: etiam
  • output: 26,5A 0.75VDC
  • Approximate charge time: 3 horas
  • 2 suction speed:
    • 4000Pa (40 minutes running time)
    • 7500Pa (25 minutes running time)
  • fauce Aluminium tube
  • filtration: Microfiber filter
  • Pulvis facultatem; 0.5 Liter;
  • Peniculus: Motorized brush with LED lights
  • Suction Accessories: 2 in 1 upholstery nozzle
  • Wall Mount design: Yes

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