NS-DWF2SS3 Dishwasher

Frequenter Interrogata De quaestionibus

Quaestio I: Quomodo mora initium averte?

Initium morati ad evacuandam initium et cyclum incipiunt ante tempus completum morae;

  • Close the door, then press and hold START/Cancel for three seconds.
  • Press Delay repeatedly until the display shows “O” again.
Quaestio 2: Quid facerem, si elutoria mea non committitur?
  • Fac ianuam clausam et palatum.
  • Fac ut elutoria tua cum potestate coniuncta sit et in volvatur.
  • Make sure that the Delay Start option is not selected. If it is, press and hold START/Cancel for three seconds.
  • Make sure that the child lock is not turned on. An indicator lights up when the dishwasher is locked. To turn the child lock on or off, press Child Lock and hold for three seconds. The Child Lock indicator turns off.
Quaestio III: Cur male olet?
  • Si elutoria in quisquiliarum dispositionem haurit, fac ut dispositio sit omnino vacua antequam elutoria incipiens.
  • Lava filtra menstrualis ad optimum effectum.
Quaeritur 4: Quantum spatium est in imo eculeo?

The bottom rack is designed to accommodate plates, bowls, saucers, and cookware. The adjustable racks let you load items up to 13 inches high.

Quaestio 5: Quid facerem si patellae meae non arescunt?

To dry dishes, the dishwasher uses a very hot final rinse and then shuts off. As the sides cool, it pulls the moisture off the dishes, to the sides of the dishwasher, and into the drain.

Si elutoria tua acetabula tua non plene exsiccant;

  • Makes sure that the Heat dry option is turned on. The indicator should be light when you start the cycle.
  • Fac ut vasa tua onerata sint apte. Acetabula tua pone, ut non transferant nec aquam in cyclo colligant.
  • Add liquid rinse aid to your dishwasher, or adjust the rinse aid knob to use more rinse aid.
  • Makes sure that your dishwasher’s water temperature reaches at least 120°F (40°C). Turn on the hot water faucet near the dishwasher, and let it run for several minutes. Hold a thermometer (a candy or meat thermometer will work) in the water stream to check the temperature.
Quaestio VI: Cur non mundae sunt acetabula mea?
  • Make sure that your dishes are not too close together. See “Preparing and loading dishes” in your User Guide for more information.
  • Fac ut optio lavandi congruam eligas. Vide "exceptionem cycli Lava" in tuo duce User pro magis informatione.
  • Make sure that your water line provides hot water and enough water pressure for the best washing and drying results: Water
    • Temperature aqua: Turn on the hot water faucet near the dishwasher, and let it run for several minutes. Hold a thermometer (a candy or meat thermometer will work) in the water stream to check the temperature. Water entering the dishwasher should be at least 120°F (49°C). If temperature is below 120°F (49°C), have a qualified person raise the hot water heater thermostat setting.
    • Aqua Venti Impetus: The hot water supply line for your dishwasher must provide water pressure of at least 20 psi (138 kPa) and not more than 120 psi (828 kPa). You may experience low water pressure during high-demand periods, such as when laundry or showers are in use while you are washing the dishes. To eliminate this problem, wait until hot water demand is reduced before starting the dishwasher.
Quaeritur 7: per accidens reducitur ad errorem. Cur et quomodo id figam?

Hic error causatur cum puga pyga pro 30 secundis vel pluribus tangis, ac etiam aqua eam movere potest. Ut reset elutoria:

  • Unplug the dishwasher, and then plug it back in again.
  • Ruptor rete ubi machina lavatio sita est.
Question 8: Does the dishwasher come with a food disposer?

Non, sed escas habet. Commendatur lavantur menstrua ad optimal effectus.

Quaestio 9: Utrum tormenta aptabilia sint?

Reprehendo vestri exemplar numerus elutoria:

  • The NS-DWH 1 SS9 and NS-DWH 1 WH9 do not have adjustable racks.
  • NS-DWRF2SS3 and NS-DWRF2WH3 have adjustable upper racks.

For more information and adjustment instructions, see the User Guide that came with your dishwasher.

Quaestio 10: Quid sibi vult error codes?


IGNOBILITAS possibilem

Possibilis solutio

Rinse light blinks and your dishwasher beepsfor15 seconds Aquae fluxus insufficiens est vel aquae pressio nimis alta est
  • Water faucet is not opened
  • Aqua pressura est preme
  • The drain hose is plugged
  • Other (parts failure of inlet or drain system)
  • Make sure that the water is turned on to the dishwasher
  • Make sure that the water pressure is Z0~100 psi
  • Check the drain hose
  • Customer Service Contact
Express .and rinse lights blink and your dishwasher beepsfor15 seconds abnormes calefactio  
  • Customer Service Contact
Gravis lux blinks ac tuam dishwasher Beeps ad XV seconds Redundant vel Leak sensorem activated
  • A Leak
  • Too much water in the tub
  • Turn off water to your dishwasher,
  • then  check the filter system for blockage. Unblock if necessary.
  • If there is no water in the tub, contact Customer Service
Heavy and express lights blinks and your dishwasher beepsfor15 seconds  
  • Customer Service Contact
Gravis, expresse, ac accende intus stupam lumina ictu et dishwasher Beeps pro XV secundis    
  • Customer Service Contact
Normal, heavy, and rinse lights blink and your dishwasher beepsfor15 Exceptio vel exitus communicationis  
  • The display board can’t receive or the main board can’t send a signal for longer than 20 seconds
  • Customer Service Contact


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INSIGNIA NS-DWF2SS3 Dishwasher [pdf] User Manual
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