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Hoc Velox Satus Guide basic notitia continet in Stage XD Indoor/Outdoor loudspeakers, important pre-installation steps, and important safety warnings about the installation of this product. Read through this document in its entirety before proceeding with the installation.

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Hoc documentum sequentes fructus sustinet.

  • Stage XD-5; 2-way 5.25 inch All Weather Loudspeaker
  • Stage XD-6; 2-way 6.5 inches All Weather Loudspeaker

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  • 2x Stage XD-5 or XD-6 Loudspeakers
  • 2x Zero Bezel Grilles
  • 4x Purgamentum Pedes
  • 1x Grille remotio tool
  • 2x Wall instruitur Ornamentum (Adscendens Bracket)
  • 1x Quick Start Guide (Hoc Documenti)

HARMAN International assumes no responsibility for improper installation of hardware, any personal injuries, or product damages resulting from improper installation or a fallen loudspeaker. Read through this document and other documents associated with this product in their entirety and heed all warnings before proceeding with the installation of these product(s).

MAGNUS! Cautiones instruitur
Propter huius facti naturam plures cautiones sunt ut antequam institutionem incipiant sequi possunt.

  1. Ensure that all wiring running inside of walls and ceiling meets or exceeds local fire codes for hidden wiring.
  2. Filum longum determinare et filum loquentis METIOR propriam uti in mensa sub Wire Cange per Distantiam eligat.
  3. Non coniungere loquentium ad ampLIFIER aestimavit supra commendatur ampvirtutem lifier. Edere orator potest condicionem overheating periculum iniuriae augere.
  4. Noli coniungere in ampextremum filum lifier usque ad omnes oratores sunt wired et inauguratus.

Filum Cange ab Distantia

Procul / Longitudo Cange filum
<50ft (15m) 16AWG
50ft (15m) ~ 100ft (30m) 12AWG
> 100ft (30m) 10AWG

murus instruitur

Quod Stage XD orator in pariete institui potest utens inclusa Wall Installation Hardware. Mandata diligenter sequere ut institutionem propriam curet.

  1. Instrue cincinnum nucis [A] super lina talorum [C] a fine.
  2. Crinem labi [B] super talos talos [C].
  3. Secure lock nut [A] onto the speaker.
  4. Locate the mounting position on the wall leaving enough space for the speaker to clear the ceiling and/or other obstacles. Secure the knuckle joint [D] to the wall with the included security cable [E] on one of the bottom screws.
  5. Install the knuckle [C] into the joint [D] and secure the lock ring [B].JBL-109XD5B-Stage-XD-Indoor-Outdoor-Speakers-fig- (2)

Adjusting Anglus et / vel propensionis

Cum oratores in pariete instituuntur, ad angulum et orientationem accommodari possunt. Simpliciter annulum seram laxa, et oratorium intra montem in intentionem desideratam move. Nota quod logo pro propensione horizontali rotari potest.

Tabletop Installation

Dum usus communis est installare Stage XD oratores in parietem, in tabula / desktop adhiberi possunt. Uti in planicie, Flexilis pedes inclusum in fundo cuiusque loquentis ad extremas angulos posteriores institue.JBL-109XD5B-Stage-XD-Indoor-Outdoor-Speakers-fig- (3)

Connectens Orator
  1. Ensure that the appropriate wire gauge has been run based on the Wire Gauge by Distance chart.
  2. Ut fila notantur ad polaritatem ut oratores extra tempus non conexi sint.
  3. Fila positiva connectere cum filo cibario terminali et negativo ad terminales (-).
  4. Permanere connectens donec omnes oratores connectuntur.


Stage XD-5 Stage XD-6
 Summus Frequency Transducer 1″ (25mm) Aluminium firmamentum cum High Definition Imaging (HDI™) waveguide XXXIV "(1mm)

Aluminium dome with High-Definition Imaging (HDI™) waveguide

Humilis-frequency Transducer XXXIV "(5.25mm)

Conus polycellulosus woofer

XXXIV "(6.5mm)

Conus polycellulosus woofer

nominal IMMINENTIA 6ohms' 6ohms'
Sensus (2.83V@1m) 86dB 88dB
Suspendisse Amplifier Power 20-100W RMS 20-100W RMS
Frequentia Responsio (-6dB De-Axis) 75Hz 25kHz, 55Hz 25kHz,
Crossover Frequency 2500kHz 2500kHz

Dimensiones HxWxD

9.84in (249.9mm) x 7.17in (182.1mm) x 6.37in (161.8mm) 11.77in (299mm) x 8.73in (221.8mm) x 7.64in (194.1mm)
Murus mons Longitudo H: 2.8 (71mm) H: 2.8 (71mm)

Harman International Industriae, Incorporatae.
8500 Balboa Blvd, Northridge CA 91329 United States.JBL-109XD5B-Stage-XD-Indoor-Outdoor-Speakers-fig- (4)

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Harman International Industriae, Incorporatae.
MEA Liaison Office, Danzigerkade 16G, 1013 AP Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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Stage XD Indoor/Outdoor Speakers Quick Start Guide | Rev 1.4 20221117 | Part No. 950-0608-001.

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