JBTEK H40 Verum Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Instructio Manual

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  1. Except for the operation methods specifically marked in the manual,please do not try to disassermble or replace any parts in the earbuds.
  2. Don’t put the earbuds in the water or any others liquid. Theearbuds are not waterproof.
  3. If any liquid enters the product by accidentally,please disconnect and remove the connection immediately.
  4. Please make sure that there is no water on your hands when
    Installing or uninstalling the product to avoid electricshock.
  5. Productum non prope fontem caloris vel fontem ignium directe exponunt.
  6. Do not put the product in the environment with strong electro magneticforce, otherwise it will cause product malfunction.

Earphones specifications

Bluetooth version: V5.3
Tradenda longe 10M
Music time : About 5 hours Horn size : Φ6mm
Charging time : 1.5 hours Battery capacity: 30mAh Rated input: 5V30mA

Charging’ case specifications

Pugna facultatem: 230mAh dato tempore: 1.5 horas altilium voltage: 3.7V
Rated input: 5V300mA
(Omnes technicas notitias re ipsa perficiendi)

Et arguere Earphones

  1. When the battery of the earphones is too low, the earphones will broadcastareminder of low battery every minute until the earphone shuts down(Voice prompt: “Battery low” ), in this case please charge the earphoneintime. 1.
  2. When the charging case has sufficient charge, put the earphonesbackintothe charging case, the earphones will enter the charging state, thewhitelightofthe earphones will turn on.
    Then the earphones will be full chargedabout1.5hours later, and the white light of the earphone will turn off.

Is dato negotio in casu arguere

Use the included USB-C cable to charge the chargingcase, whichwilltake about 1.5 hours to complete.

Testimonium DUXERIT præcipiens causa

operatio mandatum

In virtute
Method 1: Take both earphones out from the charging case, it will be power on automatically.
Method 2: Long press the left and right earphones touch button for 2 seconds. (Voice prompt: “Power on”)
Note: The earphones will shut down automatically when they are either not connected or not in use for 5 minutes.
②Power off
Method 1: Put both earphones back into the charging case, it will enter charging status and shut down automatically after fully charged.
Method 2: Long press either earphone touch button for 5 seconds, then both the left and right earphones will be turned off at the same time.(Voice prompt: “Power off”)

Step 1: Take out both earphones from the charging case, the earphones will power on and enter pairing mode automatically. (Voice prompt: “Pairing”)
Step 2: At this time turn on the Bluetooth function of your device and search for “H40” Then press “pair” , the earphones will connect to your device successfully.
(Voice prompt: “Connected”)

Operatio tactus

DUXERIT Testimonium de Earphones


Mutationes et probatus est pars modifications expressis verbis non poterat obsequio reus fieret ab user scriptor apparatu et auctoritate agunt.
This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause
noxiae communicationis radiophonicae impedimentum. Sed nihil cautum est ne in certa institutione occurrat impedimentum. Si hoc apparatu facit nocumentum impedimentum radiophonicum
molestie receptionem apparatu et revertebantur in determinari potest, corrigere utentis sit coactus vel impedimento sequentium consilia

- reorient relocate ad recipiendum aut antenna.
- Auge differentias noveritis mundi et apparatu et acceperit existimare possis.
- spicuo in apparatu exitum in circuitu differt ab ea quae est ad eum qui accipit coniungitur quam maxime.
- venditor vel peritus Inite consilium radio / TV auxilium TECHNICUS

Haec pars fabrica paruit condicioni, XV de FCC praecepta. Operatio sit subiectum in his duabus conditionibus (I) fabrica est causa, non nocivis suas inquietari implicat, atque (II) fabrica hanc accipere debere recipi non licet, inter se immiscere potest facere operationem vitium necopinatum:



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JBTEK H40 Verum Wireless Bluetooth Earphones [pdf] Instructio Manual
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