PPHIIPS PPM7302 Mini Massage Gun User Manual

PPHIIPS PPM7302 Mini Massage Gun User Manual

1 Instructions for User

Diligenter hoc manuale lege quaeso antequam usus operis et hoc manuale recte custodias.

symbolum Description

Ad vitandam personalem iniuriam vel proprietatem damnum, sequentia cavere caveant.

  • Sequentia symbola respective illustrant vasa quae observare debetis.

Indica vetitum
Indica ut facias, sicut instructus
important Information

Homines in institutione medicinae tractantes vel in sequentibus condicionibus consulere debent cum medico vel physiotherapist ante utendo facto.

  • This product should not be used under any of the following circumstances without the prior consent of the doctor.
  • Pregnant women, people suffering from diabetic complications (such as neuropathy or retinal damage), epilepsy or migraine, disc herniation, spondylolisthesis, vertebral disconnection, or spondyloarthrit is and those who wear a pacemaker, have recently undergone a surgery, like joint replacement surgery, or have an IUD, needle, or nickel clad inside the body for any health-related problems, are not allowed to use this product. These contraindications do not mean that you cannot use this product. We recommend that you consult your doctor before use.
  • The ongoing research is about the impact of vibration training on specific medical diseases. This Is likely to reduce the above contraindications. Practical experience
    shows that in many cases, incorporating vibration training into a treatment regimen is also a form of therapy. However, such method should be suggested or accompanied by doctor, expert or therapist.

Hi coetus prohibentur uti producto

  • Minors are prohibited from using this product to prevent from being injured.
  • Consult your doctor before using this device in case of muscle Injury.
    Do not apply on wet or filthy skin surface. You can use the device with your clothes on. Gently press and move it on your skin and stay at each part for about 60 s.
  • Do not use the product in parts with less muscle coverage. Applying the product to your bones is also discouraged. Always use the product to soft tissues of the body under the premise of no pain or discomfort.
  • When you get bruised, feel pain or discomfort, stop using the product.
  • Do not put any articles in the vent hole of the product.
  • Do not immerse the product in water or allow water to enter the ventilation hole of · the product.
  • Do not throw the product in fire or keep it close to fire source.
  • Do not fall off the product deliberately.
  • Do not use a charger above 5 VTOL charge the product.
  • Do not dismantle the product in any method.
  • Do not put your fingers, hair or other parts of your body near the shaft and back of the massage head as there is a risk of being caught.
  • Those who cannot express their will or cannot operate the device by themselves are prohibited to use the product.
  • Children are not allowed to use or get close to the operating product.
  • If you experience abnormal body reactions such as back pain, dizziness, vomiting, throbbing, etc. during use, please stop the product immediately.
  • This product is timed for 10 min operation at a time. Please do not use it for more than 20 min each time. Leave the device rest for 30 min after each use to prolong its service life.
  • Usus prohibetur his adiunctis:
    - cum graviter defessus es
    - Intra horam ante et post cibum
    - Cum biberint
Usus enim cautiones

ℹ Do not wear too much to use the product.
ℹ Keep away from liquids or heat sources and keep the charging port free of dust.
ℹ The product cannot be used during charging.
ℹ After charging, please disconnect the power supply in time.
ℹ If the product cannot work normally or you feel any abnormality, please stop using it immediately.
ℹ Please apply this product according to the User Manual.
ℹ Before each use, carefully check whether the product can be used normally according to the operation methods in the manual.
Noli stare in facto vel uti productum ut ludibrio ad accidentia vitanda.
Never disassemble, modify or repair the product by yourself.
Do not use this product when your body is wet.
The product has a heating surface, so people who are not sensitive to heat should use with caution
Precautions for battery scrapping:

  1. Do not replace the battery without authorization during normal use.
  2. The battery must be removed before scrapping the device. The removal steps are as follows:
    – Disassemble the bottom cover of the control box and remove the battery box assembly;
    – Remove the relevant connecting wires inside to take out the battery.
  3. The product must be powered off when you want to remove the battery.
  4. In altilium ut esset habitura, tuto possent.

III Product Features

This product relaxes the soft tissue of the body through high-frequency impact, which can help relax tense muscles and release pain and fatigue after exercise. The product can be used with different massage heads to massage muscles all over the body. It is equipped with a portable storage bag for the purpose of convenient carrying.

3 Parts Name

PHILIPS PPM7302 Mini Massage Gun User Manual - Parts Name

II Quomodo Usus

Apparatus ad usus
  1. Check that the product and accessories are complete.
  2. Always remove the pendant and decorations before use to avoid affecting the massage part.
  3. Use the preinstalled massage head for massage with hot compress. If you do not need hot compress, choose a massage to install.

Installation method: Select an massage head to fit on the heating plate support according to your massage demand, as shown in the figure.

PHILIPS PPM7302 Mini Massage Gun User Manual - Preparations for Use

The installation effect is shown in the figure:

PHILIPS PPM7302 Mini Massage Gun User Manual - The installation effect is shown in the figure

  1. Hold the power button to turn on the device in level 1 by default. When the hot compress mode is off, the indicator light will be illuminated in blue.3. Press the power button and the device will switch to level 1/level 2/level 3/slow waveform mode/fast waveform mode/standby mode successively.
  2. When you hold the power button in any level, the device will shut down. In the standby mode, if there is no level switching operation or the hot compress mode is not
    turned on in 30 s, the device will turn off automatically.
  3. Hold the hot compress button in any gear to enable the only hot compress mode. Press the hot compress button in standby mode, and the only hot compress mode will
    also be turned on.
  4. The device will enter the standby mode after being used continuously for 10 min, and it will automatically shut down in case of no operation within 30 s (in standby
    mode, the device can also be shut down directly by holding the power button). If you need to use again, please hold the power button to start the device.
  5. The massage head will not output power if it is stalled. This is to protect the device against abnormal operation and make it switch from operation mode to standby mode. Press the button only to restart the device.

PHILIPS PPM7302 Mini Massage Gun User Manual - Operation

Is dato negotio modum
  1. Before initial use, fully charge your device for 4 hours.
  2. When charging, connect the data line of the supplied adapter to the battery charging port and the power socket.
  3. The LED indicator on the device flashes regularly to display the battery power, indicating that it is charging.
  4. The battery can be charged at any time and under any power level. Do not turn on the device when charging.
  5. The battery needs to be charged in time when it is exhausted to less than 10% power (namely the red indicator is flashing).

PHILIPS PPM7302 Mini Massage Gun User Manual - Charging method

5 Description of Indicator Lights

Hold the power button to turn on the device. It is defaulted to level 1 massage with hot compress mode off. The level indicator varies with the level switching, and different
colors prompts different compress status. The light statuses of level indicator and compress function are as follows:

PHILIPS PPM7302 Mini Massage Gun User Manual - Description of Indicator Lights

Sustentacionem 6

  1. Clean the surface of the device with a slightly wet towel and dry it with a soft cloth.
  2. When storing or carrying, put the device in the supplied portable bag.
  3. The device should be stored in a dry, well ventilated place without corrosive gas.
  4. In case of long-term out of service, the device should be packaged and stored after cleaning. It Is recommended to charge the device every 1 month.
  5. The product can be transported by truck, train, ship and aircraft. During transportation, the product should be fixed to prevent violent vibration, collision, rolling and falling, and It should be placed upward, handled lightly, and protected against rain.
  6. Noli temere productum abiicias. Quaeso eam faece secundum methodum disponendi ad singulas partes ad defendendum ambitum.

Herpesvirus hominis 7

In hoc capite quaestiones communissimas ad productum recenset. Si problemata quae occurrant in sequentibus tabulis non comprehenduntur, quaeso voca nostrum officium hotline vel contactum muneris authentici centrum regionis ubi sitae sunt.

PHILIPS PPM7302 Mini Massage Gun User Manual - DiagnosisPHILIPS PPM7302 Mini Massage Gun User Manual - Diagnosis

Si culpa tolli non potest vel productum etiamnum ideale operari non potest, pete personas servitii post venditionesque tange, nec a teipso discurrere vel reparare.

8 Main Specification

PHILIPS PPM7302 Mini Massage Gun User Manual - Main Specification

9 Service Guideline for Warranty

Et ministerium Support

If you require assistance with the operation of the product, its features or specifications. Please call Mann & Noble on +61 (O) 2 8801 7666 in Australia or +64 (OJ 800 112 660 in New Zealand or email Philips.Massager.ANZ@mann-noble.com et visita www.philips.com/support.


Quaeso refer ad folium separatum warantum hoc productum instructum.

Suspendisse Card

PHILIPS PPM7302 Mini Massage Gun User Manual - Warranty Card

II sarcina List

PHILIPS PPM7302 Mini Massage Gun User Manual - Packing list

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