PPM7321 Sports Suspendisse Gun User Guide
PPM7321 Sports Suspendisse Gun

Install massage head

Select a massage head according to the massage demand, and insert it into the front round hole of the fascial gun until the head is aligned with the mark line. The proper installation is shown in the figure.
installation disciplinam

Hold the power button to start up

Hold the button on the back of the device for 1 s to turn it on. When you press the button once, the gear will increase by 1 level until reaching level 5 and then cycle in turn.
vox puga pyga

Intelligent pressure feedback

In case of no operation within 3 seconds, the light ring will automatically switch to the pressure feedback mode. The blue indicator indicates a pressure of 0~2 kg, the green indicator indicates a pressure of 2~4 kg, the yellow indicator indicates a pressure 4~6 kg, and the orange indicator indicates a pressure >6 kg.
Intelligent pressure feedback

Hold the power button to shut down

Hold the power button on the back to turn off the device directly
vox puga pyga

Intelligent protection mode

The device will enter the intelligent protection mode after it is operated in any level for  10 minutes continuously. If you need to use again, please restart the device.
Intelligent protection mode

Protection mode for stalling

The massage head will not output power if it is stalled. This is to protect the device against abnormal operation. In this case, the light ring will be illuminated in red. Press the button only to restart the device. If there is no operation in 15 s, the device will automatically shut down.
Protection mode for stalling

nota icon Nota

  1. Please fully charge the device prior to initial use. Do not operate the device during charging.
  2. It is recommended to operate the device from the lowest level for the initial use.
  3. Never apply the device for the body parts with weak muscle coverage, such as bones and joints.
  4. Avoid using the device on the same part for a long time to prevent physical injury.
  5. In case of long-term out of service, the device should be properly packaged and stored after deaning. It is recommended to charge the device every 1 month.


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