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SVEN AP-B380MV Bluetooth Headset

SVEN AP-B380MV Bluetooth Headset


  • Unpack the device carefully. Make sure there are no accessories left in the box. Check up the device for damage; if the product was damaged during transportation, address the cler at once.
  • Apparatus navium et vecturarum tantum in vase originali permittitur.
  •  Speciales condiciones ad effectum adducendi non requirit.
  • Disponere secundum normas pro dispositione domus et instrumentorum computatrorum.
  • Tempus fabricandi facti in arca indicatum est.


  • Wireless mono headphones - I pc *
  • USB potentiae funis ad Micro USB - I pc
  • Detachable audio cable 0 3,5 mm (3 pin) – 1 pc
  • User Manual - 1 pc
  • Warantum card - I pc*


SVEN AP-B380MV wireless stereo headphones with a microphone are designed for operation with PC, laptops and other mobile devices by means of data transfer via Bluetooth protocol.
Etiam adhiberi possunt in interrete telephonia, in colloquiis video, in applicationibus multimediis, in ludis interactive, ad agnitionem sermonis, in doctrina linguae peregrinae et in auditione FM-radii et MP3 files via Micro SD.

salus provideris

  • Ne uti mono headphones dum aurigabat.
  • Noli in monopoliis headphones uti mono magno volumine diu (plus quam 15 minuta), cum hoc auditum detrimentum afferre possit.


  • Satin absolutaque leve attractiva, padded consilium.
  • 5.0 Bluetooth tradendae signum wireless.
  • A foldable headband and swivel earcups provide the perfect fit.
  • Wired/wireless signum transmissionis audio.
  • Veni ad imperium Earcup lectio libri manibusque libero.
  • Recta MP3 / WMA playback (per Micro SD) modos et FM radio.
  • Micro USB Jack in altilium præcipiens.
  • IOS et Android cogitationes plene compatitur.
  • Battery operation time up to 1 O hours.
  • Radius of operation up to 1 om.


SVEN AP-B380MV Bluetooth Headset fig-1

  1. Micro SD card socors
  2. Micro USB Jack in altilium præcipiens
  3. DUXERIT indicator/microphone
  4. Audio cable jack 3.5 mm (3 pin)
  5. Previous track (long press); Volume down button (short press)
  6. ON/OFF button; Play/Pause; Call control button; Switching modes button: Bluetooth/FM/MP3
  7. Next track (long press); Volume up button (short press)

CONIUNCTIO et operatione

Attention! The built-in battery must be charged completely prior to the headphone’s appli­cation.

et micantis Genius |

  • Connect the headphones to a USB port of PC or USB charger using USB/micro USB cable (in­cluded). During battery charging the indicator 0 is white.
  • Cum fabrica in plena est accusatus, index 0 egreditur.
  • After fully charging you should get around 10 hours of playtime before you need to recharge the headphones, always try to avoid letting them go totally flat to deter internal battery damage.
  • Pugna in headphones ut pars machinalis pars integralis adhibetur, propterea noli eam extrahere vel subrogare, quia hoc in cautione tabulae novae vel damni fabricae provenire potest.

Bluetooth modus

  • Press and hold the Multi-function button ©, to turn on the headphones and enter Blue­tooth pairing mode, this is indicated 0 by flashing LED. Open your device’s Bluetooth mode and search for the pairing name «SVEN AP-B380MV» and select. If your device asks you for a pairing code enter «0000». Once paired successfully a tone can be heard and the LED indicator 0 on the headphones will flash intermittently.
  • Use the earcup control buttons(®, © and 0) to play, pause or navigate up and down your tracklist. Press button ® to play and pause the current track, short press button 0 for volume up or button © for volume down and long press button 0 for next track or button © for previous track.
    FG / modus MP3
  • With the headphones on insert a compatible TF (micro SD) card in the slot on the earcup G) and they will automatically switch to MP3 mode and begin playing the first compatible track. Alternatively press the mode button ® repeatedly until the headphones enter MP3 mode. Use the earcup control buttons(©, ® and 0) to play, pause or navigate up and down your track list as described above.
    FM radio modus
  • With the headphones on press the mode button ®, repeatedly until you enter FM mode. Next press and hold the Mode button ® again for around 3-4 seconds to begin the channel scan and store feature. Once completed you can move up and down the stored stations using
    the next track 0 and previous track @ buttons. To increase or decrease the volume level
    press and hold buttons 0 and © as described above.
    modus AUX
  • Provisum est ad uti funem 3.5mm coniungere cuilibet vestrum headphones compatible audio fons. In headphones, ne quidem potest switched super opus est, sed quod imperium volubilis track opus et bullarum solet esse excitandamque fonte ad hunc modum utendi.
    Fabrica commutatione in / off
  • In order to turn on the headphones press and hold the button ® before you hear a beep signal. When the device is turned on, the LED indicator © will start blinking. In order to turn off the device, press once more and hold the button ©, before you hear a beep signal.SVEN AP-B380MV Bluetooth Headset fig-2

Headset ad telephono interfacing:
egressus vocat

  • Telephonum mobile dialing: telephonum mobile tuum utere ut soleat dial. Post dialing anulos auriculas et vox automatice ad capita Bluetooth post connectens (Aliquas smartphones electum vocis output fabrica habent.).
  • Redial last number: press the button © twice, to dial the last dialed number (Some mobile phones may require a short keystroke only once.).
    Et respondendum est, vocat
  • In order to receive an incoming call press the button ©.
  • In order to reset the call, press the button © twice.
  • Dum musicam canunt, cum numerus vel vocatio advenientis dialing, playback statim morabitur. Musica ludere perget post suam completionem.


Parameter, unitas measurement Value
Membrana, mm 40
Pugna mA / h * 350
Sensibilitas, dB 110 ± 3
Impedance, 0 32
genus Connection Bluetooth, Micro SD, 3.5mm stereo jack, micro USS
Bluetooth pro * suscepitfiles HS.P., HFP, A2DP, AVRCP
Radius operationis, m 10
Operatio tempus, h ad 8
Dimensiones: mm 210 X 190 X 75
Pondus, g * 173

Notae. Specificationes technicae in hac tabula datae sunt supplementa informationes et occasionem petitionis dare non possunt. Specificationes technicae et involucra contenta mutationibus obnoxia sunt sine notitiam ob emendationem productionis SVEN.

Documenta / Resources

SVEN AP-B380MV Bluetooth Headset [pdf] User Manual
AP-B380MV Bluetooth Headset, AP-B380MV, Bluetooth Headset, Headset


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