BOSCH EasyImpact 18V-38 Cordless Impact Drill Instructione Manual

Discover the specifications and safety instructions for the Bosch EasyImpact 18V-38 Cordless Impact Drill. Learn about its voltage, torque, drill chuck range, weight, and recommended battery. Ensure workplace safety and proper handling. Keep children away from the tool during use. Rely on qualified professionals for repairs and original replacement parts. Stay informed about electrical safety and the usage of long drill bits.

BOSCH GLM 30-23 Professional Laser Mensura Instructio Manual

GLM 30-23 Professio Laser Mensurae (Model: GLM 30-23) instrumentum versatile est ad mensuras distantias, longitudinem et areas calculandas. Designatum ad usum amet, manifestam ostentationem notat, conjunctionem mensurae, ac functionem button pro facili operatione. Tutum curare, praecepta sequentes, etiam laser trabem in hominibus vel iumentis non dirigere. Memini habere instrumentum mensurae ab speciali qualificato adhibitum et ab invisis pueris illud observare. Accipe mensuras accuratas cum GLM 30-23 Pro Laser Mensura.