AGER CONTROLS TRIO Plus Portable Air Purifier User Manual

Learn everything you need to know about the TRIO Plus Portable Air Purifier with this user manual. Discover its 3-stage air treatment system, True HEPA filtration, UVC lamps, and Field Controls' PRO-Cell Catalyst. Find out how to use the air quality indicator, timer, and filter indicator. Get all the specifications and instructions to install and operate this powerful air purifier.

Agro CONTROLS TRIO-1000P Healthy Home Air Purification System User Manual

This user manual guides you through the installation and operation of the TRIO-1000P and TRIO-1000P2 Healthy Home Air Purification System. Learn about important safety instructions and tips for using the air purifier effectively. Keep your air clean with confidence.

CONTROLS TRIO Plus S Air Cleaner User Manual

Learn important safety precautions for installing and using the FIELD CONTROLS TRIO Plus S Air Cleaner with this user manual. Read carefully to prevent personal injury and damage. Avoid using any solid-state speed control device and chemicals on the appliance's surface to prevent electric shock, fire, and chemical discharge. This air purifier is designed for indoor, dry location installation and should not be used in high humidity environments. Make sure to use only recommended replacement parts to reduce the risk of fire or electric shock.

Agro CONTROLS CAC-120 Combustio Air Control Instructio Manual

The FIELD CONTROLS CAC-120 Combustion Air Control kit includes a junction box, tubing, connectors, and a relay to connect 120 VAC-controlled heating appliances to a CAS system. Read the installation instructions carefully for the maximum combined firing rate and product compatibility. Note: CAS-3 and CAS-4 series fan design have changed.

Agro CONTROLS UV-13FM UV Aire Aeris Purificationis Ratio User Manuale

Learn how to install and operate the FIELD CONTROLS UV-13FM and UV-17FM UV Aire Air Purifying Systems from the user manual. These high-output UVC lamps sanitize your home's HVAC system, inhibiting germs and bacteria growth. Keep your loved ones healthy with this safe and proven air purifying solution.

AGER CONTROLS 46139100 Sidewall Power Venter Kit Instruction Manual

Learn about the FIELD CONTROLS 46139100 Sidewall Power Venter Kit with this detailed user manual. Ideal for use with natural gas, LP gas, and #2 fuel oil appliances, this kit includes a power venter and control kit options such as CK-20FV, CK-41F, and CK-43/43F. Get complete installation instructions and important safety information.