HV290 Rocket Hand Vacuum User Manual

The Shark HV290 Rocket Hand Vacuum User Manual provides technical specifications, safety instructions and usage guidelines for the HV290 series. This 400W, 3.4A handheld vacuum is designed for household use only and comes with a polarized plug for safety. Customers are advised to register their purchase at registeryourshark.com and keep their receipts for future reference.

PISTRIS HV293Q Series Rocket Hand Vacuum User Manual

Learn how to safely and effectively use the Shark HV293Q Rocket Hand Vacuum with this owner's guide. This handheld vacuum has a voltage of 120V, 60Hz and a powerful 400W motor. Follow these important safeguards to reduce the risk of injury or damage. Keep your work area well-lit and free of obstructions to ensure proper airflow. Use only as described in the manual and keep out of reach of children.