Vtech 564603 Sorting Fun Apple Instruction Manual
vtech (LXIV)DCIII Sorting Fun Apple


Sorting Fun Apple by VTech®. Children will love exploring this apple shape sorter with 10 unique shapes that go beyond most traditional sorters. Press down on the apple stem to create new shape openings to sort. Matching and inserting the shapes to the openings builds hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness and fine motor skills. Each unique shape also features multi coloured fruit characters to learn colours and fruit names.
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  • Genus Fun Apple
  • 1 lemon sorter block
    Index package
  • 1 pineapple sorter block
    Index package
  • 1 cherries sorter block
    Index package
  • 1 orange sorter block
    Index package
  • 1 grapes sorter block
    Index package
  • 1 strawberry sorter block
    Index package
  • 1 banana sorter block
    Index package
  • 1 raspberry sorter block
    Index package
  • 1 pear sorter block
    Index package
  • 1 blueberry sorter block
    Index package


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  1. Apple Stem and Four Sorting Slots
    Press down on the apple stem to see the top half of the apple spin and create a new set of four sorting slots. Find the corresponding shape block for each slot and insert the block into the matching slot. Press down on the apple stem again and keep going until all 10 shape blocks have been inserted.
    Product Feature
  2. 10 Unique Blocks
    The 10 blocks include both traditional and unique shapes, adding some variety to shape sorting play. Each block is printed with a multi coloured, friendly fruit character and fruit name to introduce colours and expand early vocabulary.
    Product Feature
  3. Storage Door
    After all 10 blocks have been inserted into the apple sorter, open the storage door to release the blocks to play with again. All 10 blocks can be stored inside the apple sorter.
    Storage Door

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