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Relaxat Vitalis Suspendisse Gun
Item number: 2950, ​​3488

Lorem carus,
We are pleased that you have decided to purchase the Relax Vital Massage Gun. Please read the instructions carefully before using the device for the first time and keep them in a safe place. If you pass on the appliance, this manual must also be handed over. The manufacturer and importer accept no liability if the information in these instructions is not observed! In the course of conti-nuous development, we reserve the right to change the product, packaging or instruction leaflets at any time.
Si quaestiones habes, colloquare cum servitute emptoris per electronicam nostram electronicam: kundenservice@hsphanseshopping.de


notae generales &

  • Before first use: Carefully remove the Massage Gun from the packaging and check the device for completeness and damage.
  • This device is only intended for massaging the muscles.
  • Hoc instrumentum adhiberi potest etiam a pueris etatis ab annis et supra et a 8 annis et personis cum imminutis facultatibus physicis vel sensoriis, dummodo datae sint vigilantiae et instructionis de usu instrumenti in tuto ac in ambiguo perspiciendo.
  • Ut filii non ludere cum appliance.
  • Purgatio et conservatio ab utentis exerceri a pueris non debent.
  • Unitas usui personali tantum est nec applicationibus commercialibus destinatur.
  • Tantum auctoritati mercatores negotiatores habent omnia genera damnorum ad unitatem reparandum.
  • Excluduntur a warantia omnes defectus per improprias tractationes, damna vel reparationes attentatae. Idem valet de communibus exteris et dilacerant.


  • Serva sarcinas materiae a pueris et cura. strangulationis periculum est!
  • Pueri cum articulo ludere non debent!
  • Keep away from water. Do not use this appliance near bathtubs, showers, sinks or other containers with water.
  • Always check the unit for damage before operating it.
    If the unit has visible damage, do not use it.
  • Do not use the unit if it has malfunctioned or fallen into water.
  • Never touch the appliance, mains cable or plug with wet hands.
  • Do not insert any metal objects into the appliance to avoid electric shock.
  • The Massage Gun becomes warm during operation!
    Keep the appliance away from flammable objects.
  • Do not use the appliance if flammable gases are present in the air.
  • Keep a sufficient distance from heat sources such as cooker tops or ovens.


  • During charging, the LED light is red. When the unit is fully charged, the LED is solid green.
  • Do not leave the unit unattended during charging.
  • Be sure to remove the charger when the Massage Gun is fully charged.
  • The massage gun cannot be used during the charging process.
  • If the battery has leaked, avoid contact of skin, eyes and mucous membranes with the battery acid. In case of contact with battery acid, rinse the affected areas immediately with plenty of clean water and consult a doctor immediately.
  • The battery must not be disassembled, thrown into fire, immersed in liquids or short -circuited.
  • Batteries do not belong in the hands of children. Never leave batteries lying around openly; there is a risk of them being swallowed by children or pets. To achieve the maximum charging capacity, it is important that you fully charge the battery before using the device for the first time.
  • Only ever charge the battery with a suitable USB cable.
  • Never wrap the USB cable around the unit during charging or after use as this may damage the charging cable.
  • Make sure that the USB cable is not squeezed, bent or laid over sharp edges and does not come into contact with hot surfaces.
  • A USB power supply unit is required so that the unit can be charged via a mains socket.
    This is not included in the scope of delivery.



Serva vertical ad musculos


Ne flectas caput trucido!

  1. Select a suitable attachment and screw it onto the machine. Flat attachment: For general use on large muscle groups. Cone and fork attachment: For pinpoint treatment of muscles, trigger points and small muscle areas (e.g. feet).
  2. Switch on the unit by briefly pressing and holding the power button on the back.
  3. Press the power button again to switch between the two intensity levels.
  4. Massage the desired area. Hold the massage gun vertically over the area to be massaged.
  5. Press and hold the power button to switch off the unit.

Et repono TERSUS

  • The Massage Gun can be gently wiped with a soft, damp cloth and then dried with an absor-bent, soft cloth.
  • It is recommended to let the massage gun dry on a cloth or towel for a while after cleaning to make sure it is completely dry before putting it away.
  • Never wipe the unit with very hot water, aggressive chemicals or cleaning agents as this may damage the surface.
  • Never hold the unit under water, as liquid may enter and damage the massage gun.
  • Do not use corrosive or abrasive cleaning agents to clean the unit.
    These can damage the appliance.
  • Store the appliance and accessories out of the reach of children and animals in a dry, frost – free place protected from sunlight.


  • Battery: Li-ion battery, rechargeable, 1200mAh
  • Volumetage: DC 5.0V 2A
  • Tempus præveniens: approx. III - 3 horas
  • Operating time : approx. 30 minutes

The CE marking confirms that the appliance complies with the applicable Euro-pean requirements that apply to the respective group of appliances and that the specific declarations of conformity are available.


Circa batterias et rechargeables batterias positas in foro per nos vel cum deliberationibus machinis quibus gravida vel rechargeables batteries, te de his certiorem facere tenemur secundum Actus Pugnae (BattG): De signo crucis. -out dustbin means that batteries and rechargeable batteries must not be dissoned of with house waste. Si pila vel accumulator plus quam 0.0005% mercurii per massam continet, plus quam 0.002% cadmium per massam vel plus quam 0.004% massae plumbi, symbolum infra e dustbin transitum protenditur a symbolis chemicis metallorum (Hg, Cd, Pb). Pro fine usoris, iure obligaris non omnes gravidas et coacervatores in vastitate domestica disponere, sed eas ad venditores vel puncta collectionis municipalium revocare. Adhibentur gravida et accumulatores, quae in veteri instrumento non clauduntur, nec non lamps, quod ex veteri instrumento removeri potest, a veteri instrumento non pernicioso modo antequam in punctum collectionis tradetur, regulariter separari debet. Usi gravida et accumulatores possunt substantias noxias continere quae ambitum vel valetudinem tuam laedere possunt, nisi recte condita vel disposita sunt. Reversi usus gravida et accumulatores solum REDIVIVUS erunt. Hoc significat materias crudas pretiosissimas ut ferrum, zincum, manganesum vel nickel recuperata. Potes vel gravidae usus redire vel coacervatores gratis in proximitate tua proximis (exempli gratia ad centrum venditoris vel redivivi) vel ad nos remitte gratis. De ambitu et HSP Hanse Shopping GmbH gratias ago tibi.

The symbol of the crossed-out dustbin indicates that this appliance is subject to the EU Directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE Directive). It indicates that the respective appliance must be disposed of separately from unsorted municipal waste at the end of its life. A black bar under the crossed-out dustbin indicates that the appliance was placed on the market after 2005. This appliance must not be disposed of as

Symbolum redivivus tribus sagittis consistit in cyclo reuse repraesentante (recyclio). Fasciatio et impletio materiae REDIVIVUS possunt. Noli disponere de materias sarcinas et implendas in domo deserta, sed eas ad collectionem recyclabilium materiarum environmentally- amicabiliter dispone.

Symbolum redivivus tribus sagittis consistit in cyclo reuse repraesentante (recyclio). Fasciatio et impletio materiae REDIVIVUS possunt. Noli disponere de materias sarcinas et implendas in domo deserta, sed eas ad collectionem recyclabilium materiarum environmentally- amicabiliter dispone.


We assure that all products are made of high quality materials and have been checked with the utmost care. However, if damage or a fault should occur during normal use, please contact the sel-ler of the product. A prerequisite for the warranty is operation and proper assembly in accordance with the operating instructions.
Usus improprius et / vel improprius onerariis warantum infirmare potest.
Tempus warantum est 2 annorum et incipit a emptione. Si productum quod emisti, vitiis carens non est, pete venditorem facti intra tempus ab emptione.
De warantia exclusi sunt:

  • Damnum externa vi
  • non-observance of the operating instructions
  • Repairs and modifications by persons not authorised by us
  • Damnum ex falsa pertractatio seu sustentationem
  • Damnum negligentia vel ex accidentibus
  • wear and tear and consumables

If you have any questions about the product or warranty claims, please contact our customer service. Do not send your product to our address without request. The costs and the risk of loss for unsolicited deliveries shall be borne by the sender. We reserve the right to refuse to accept unsoli-cited shipments or to return such goods to the sender at the sender‘s expense. return such goods to the sender at the sender‘s expense.

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